Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 Wireless Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset (TBS-3276-01)

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 Wireless Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset (TBS-3276-01)

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4

Wireless Dolby Surround Sound gaming headset
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Get blown away by your games and movies in Dolby Digital Surround Sound with the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4. With up to 15 hours of uninterrupted, crystal clear wireless play, the PX4 not only dominates for PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360 games, but lets you experience Netflix or blu-ray movies in cinematic surround sound.


Works with PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and mobile devices

Turtle Beach Audio Advantage

The Dolby Digital Surround Sound produced by this headset will ensure that you hear every sound in your game with 360-degree accuracy. The PX4 allows you to adjust the angle of each speaker inside the headset so you can fine-tune the surround sound audio to your specific individual taste. Turtle Beach uses Dual-Band Wi-Fi technology to provide a non-static, interference-free connection by navigating to a less crowded bandwidth around all the laptops, tablets, smartphones and other wireless devices that compete for space in your home.

Ear Force PX4

PlayStation 4 ready
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Designed for PS4

Get amazing sound out of your PlayStation 4 games with a realistic and immersive audio experience. The PX4 also works great with PS3, Xbox 360, and for mobile chat.

Ear Force PX4

Premium surround sound
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Premium Surround Sound

Adjust the speaker angles inside your headset to ensure that your 360-degree Dolby Digital Surround Sound experience for games, music, and movies is fine-tuned to your individual liking.

Ear Force PX4

Cutting-edge technology
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Interference-Free Wireless Connection

Get static-free wireless with Dual-Band Wi-Fi technology.

Ear Force PX4

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Answer Calls

Use Bluetooth to take phone calls while never leaving the game.

Ear Force PX4

Advanced chat technology
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Dynamic Chat Boost

Turtle Beach offers chat volume that automatically increases as the game volume gets louder, so your teammates are never drowned out by sudden explosions.

Ear Force PX4

Extended gaming sessions
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Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Get up to 15 hours of continuous play from a full charge, or just plug it in and keep charging while you play.

Product Features

  • 100% wireless game audio and chat when used with PS3. Enjoy wireless game audio and wired (to the controller) chat when used with PS4
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound – Pinpoint the direction of every sound in all your games and movies in Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi Wireless Technology – Interference-free, dual-band wireless means clearer chat and game audio
  • Dual-Pairing Bluetooth Brings Calls & Gaming Together – Take advantage of Bluetooth to answer mobile phone calls without ever leaving the game
  • Thickly padded, adjustable headband with breathable mesh ear cushions for marathon game sessions; Customizable Audio Advantage – With multiple EQ presets including bass and treble boost combinations, separate game and chat volume controls

3 thoughts on “Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 Wireless Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset (TBS-3276-01)

  1. Dennis A. Amith (kndy)
    Dennis A. Amith (kndy) says:

    If you are looking for a headset that works for the PS4, The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 is a headset worth checking out! For those looking for a headphone for their PS4, PS3 or XBOX 360, the “Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4” is a headphone that works but is it for you?I. WHAT’S INSIDE THE BOXYou get the:- Turtle Beach PX4 headphones with premium 50 mm neodymium speaker drivers, play & charge rechargeable battery with USB connector for recharge and is 100% wireless Bluetooth. So you can chat and also answer calls while playing. With Adjustable surround sound angles.- PX4 Wireless Digital RF Transmitter- 2.5 to 3.5m Mobile Adapter Cable- Digital Optical Cable- Headset USB charging cable- XBOX 360 Chat Cable- Quick Start Guide- Turtle Beach Sticker* IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW:– The USB adapter for the headphones ONLY recharges the headphones which gives you 15 hours of wireless play. These headphones DO NOT plug in to a PS4, PS3, XBOX360 or PC/MAC for direct audio via USB.– You will want to buy this headset primarily for PS4, PS3 or XBOX 360 play. You can use a Mac or PC if you have a special soundcard which uses an optical cable.II. INITIAL THOUGHTS ON USING THE HEADSETThe setup was easy on the PS3 and XBOX 360 (may not work with first gen consoles) as you plug in the transmitter to your unit, hold down the pairing button on the side for five seconds.Power up your headset for six seconds and you will hear the headset turn on and then hear a few musical beeps and your headset is paired.For a PS4, it’s important to know that the headset is not 100% wireless as you will need to plug the 2.5 to 3.5 mm mobile adapter cable to your controller. Until Sony creates a patch, this is the only way to go for now, so it’s not 100% wireless.For those experiencing drop off with audio, which I did experience. The following information from Turtle Beach did fix the issue:1. Go to Settings > Screen and Sound > Audio Output Settings > Primary Output Port.2. Select “Digital Out” (OPTICAL).3. Select ONLY “Dolby Digital 5.1ch”.4. Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Output to Headphones.5. Select “Chat Audio”.6. Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Audio Format (Priority).7. Select “Bitstream (Dolby)”.If your chat volume is either too loud or too soft:• Go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > Headsets and Headphones > Volume Control (Headphones) and change the audio level.The headset was comfortable and light. The build is good but at $150, you expect something a bit more durable.I like the fact that the cable to recharge is long. So, for those sitting several feet away, will like the fact that when they are recharging this headset, they can be farther away from their console and not too close from it.The mic is easy to bend and doesn’t seem too flimsy.The sound on the unit was very good, not great. I did experience drop off audio at times, I also had issues with hiss due to the transmitter but this is only when recharging. Otherwise, without the recharging cable, things worked perfectly fine as it does feature interference-free, Dual-Band Wi-Fi Wireless Technology.But when it came down to sound, what was important for me was full immersion, the use of Dolby Digital Surround Sound and directional activity was what made me smile during the use of these headphones. Sounds were crystal clear, eery sounds really came alive and sounds I have never heard before from certain games were quite interesting to hear. And the fact that you can adjust the surround sound angles is very cool! But you’ll notice a big difference by turning Surround Sound on and off on the transmitter, it makes a big difference having it on!Of course, if you want more customization, you will need to go for a more expensive Turtle Beach headset.Pairing for two Bluetooth devices is pretty cool, so you can play and take calls on the headset while still playing your game.JUDGMENT CALL:While there are other Turtle Beach Headsets and other brand of headsets that work and sound great with the PS3 and XBOX 360, the majority of the people interested in the PX4 is that it does work with the PS4.It’s important to note that at this time, everyone who owns a PX4 is awaiting a patch and hopefully Turtle Beach and Sony will be able to make this headset 100% wireless. But for now, for the mic, you’re going to have a cable that plugs in to your controller.There are other Turtle Beach headsets (granted they are a little more expensive) that sound better than the PX4’s, but if anything that surprises me the most is the price. At $150, it may be a bit too much for some people,…

  2. Dejan K

    PROS and CONS from person who owned it for 8 months: 78/100 FOR ACCURATE SOUND YOU NEED TO TUNE THIS HEADSET TO THE PROPER SETTING DEPENDING ON THE GAME. IF YOU FAIL TO DO THIS, YOU WILL GET BAD RESULTS AND THE SURROUND SOUND WILL SUCK. THIS IS PROBABLY WHY SOME PEOPLE ARE GIVING THIS HEADSET BAD REVIEWS, BECAUSE THEY FORGOT TO TUNE IT, LOL. Now an honest review…This is a great headset, hands down. It is truly a 100$ headset both in value and quality (not worth over $100 US in my opinion), but it does have some things I don’t like. I give it a 78/100 overall. The Set-up is easy but instructions do not come with the box (not when I bought it 8 months ago anyway), so you have to go online and search “Px4 headset set up” in google or yahoo to figure out how to do it. The info is easy to find online so no big deal.Here are the PROS and CONS.1) SURROUND SOUND- 4.2/ 5If you play CALL OF DUTY or another FPS game, this will be a great headset for you and you will definitely hear foot steps almost PERFECTLY (85-100% accuracy, depending on the map) with this baby, BUT ONLY IF YOU TUNE IT TO THE RIGHT SETTING. For COD, you need to use the 5th surround sound angle on the WiFi box/ Dynamic Chat Boost (click surround sound angle on the box until the blue light flashes to the 5 count), the 3rd setting on the TONE (click the button until you hear three beeps) and the 4th setting on the LIMITER (click the button until you hear 4 beeps) – tone and limiter are buttons found on the headset. One of the great things about surround sound in this headset is that you can customize it to your liking depending on how you ears hear sound. Most human beings hear quite similarly though, hence my recommendation for hearing footsteps in game above.On COD: Ghosts, footsteps are very loud and easy to spot, with 100% accuracy on all maps, that’s right, all maps, except those that have more than 2 stories (Chasm and Flooded), where you will have problems targeting exactly on which floor upstairs or downstairs the footsteps are coming from; and if there are a lot of people running upstairs on the 1st and second story, for example, you will have to REALLY concentrate figuring out which footstep is closer to you because it sounds as if footsteps are everywhere upstairs; I had this problem mostly on Chasm. You will still know which angle and side the footsteps are coming from, but it will be difficult pinpointing which footstep is closer to you. On every other map, the headset works really well, though, because there aren’t a lot of stories. For sound whoring, this headset is 9/10 overall, which is amazing for a 100$ headset.The surround sound is good for other games too, like racing, adventure, etc, but not great, all you have to do is adjust the TONE and LIMITER to 2 beeps for bass or 1 beep for raw sound. Good but a bit artificial. I think the surround sound is best for FPS games, to be honest, and it isn’t that great with movies, which isn’t surprising since you shouldn’t really except a “one in all” headset to be great in everything.2) COMFORT: 3.5/5When I first bought the headset, it felt nice on my ears (I have large ears) for the first few hours, but after 6 hours of gameplay, my ears started to hurt a little and I began to notice the weight of the headset pressing on my ears a lot more than before. After 8 months of playing though, my ears got used to the headset so they don’t hurt anymore no matter how long I play; but if your ears have to get used to bearing the weight of something, that generally means the weight is a little too much on the ears, doesn’t it? It’s fine for playing really long sessions, but you will want to take them off your head once every few hours to give your ears a break. Comfort isn’t the best on this headset; this ain’t no Astro in comfort, but it’s still good for comfort, probably unnoticeable unless you’ve owned Astro’s before.3) WIRELESS: 3/5This headset is wireless and you don’t need to plug in anything while playing unless you want to chat. To make it the most wireless, go to Sound and Screen> Audio Output Settings in ps4 and make sure the output to headphones setting is on Chat Audio or All Audio (forgot which one, whichever one works after you complete the next step). Then mute your TV and turn up your headset; voila, wireless sound.The only cable you will have to plug in while playing is the short microphone cable to the ps4 controller, if you want to chat online, that’s it, and also the charger if you have to charge the headset. You can also charge the headset while playing since the charging cable is very long. You can lower and raise the volume on the headset too. All of the other buttons, however, like calling and receiving calls and the mute and Bluetooth buttons are useless and don’t work on the headset because ps4 still hasn’t released Bluetooth compatibility. Once the patch is made, this headset for wireless will be 5/5. For now it is…

  3. Christopher A. Nitz
    Christopher A. Nitz says:

    Great Headset, OK Price. 0

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