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  1. pastapadre

    Madden improves with additions that may change the way you play the game For years Madden has been a decent game that could be enjoyed by overlooking its considerable flaws and deficiencies which have generated frustration yet avoided game-breaking status. For many that was possible and the value was there, for some it was still too much to get past.That really hasn’t changed with Madden NFL 15 which has improved in several areas of need but come up short yet again in others. What’s different this time is the number of options that change the way you can play for the better.Continue on to check out what I’ve identified as the best and the worst after 15 hours of playing Madden NFL 15. There are more obviously more to come as I’m not able to touch on issues people have seen with simmed stats or play calling fully yet as a few examples. A full ‘Hits and Misses’ review will follow late this week or early next week.************* TOP LIKES ************DEFENSIVE CAMERA ANGLE AND CAMERA SWITCHING ON THE FLYIt’s been a long time since a feature has completely surprised me in how much the functionality changes the way a game is played. Never would I have thought camera angles could have such impact as they have with the implementation in Madden 15.I had no desire necessarily to change away from the traditional camera so when the announcements were made none of it resonated with me. Even when games like NCAA Football added them I would generally stick to the defaults and having tried specialty ones like “Player Lock” in that series a flipped option on defense was assumed to be virtually unplayable and a pointless offering.The defensive camera in Madden keeps the action in front of you and that can actually be advantageous as you get the sense you’re containing big plays. It’s probably most natural for controlling a defensive lineman or a blitzing player but even linebackers and safeties can be utilized effectively in many instances whether in man, zone, or spying. Rare is the occasion where a player gets behind the last line of defense and off-screen and switching who is controlled during a play isn’t disorienting at all. Situationally the best time to use the defensive camera may be in third and long where you can get at the QB and rush a throw or pick up the sack. I’ve had less success in short or medium yardage but that is probably not the fault of that camera.The D-Pad lets you switch between camera angles before every snap and I’ve found myself changing it on an almost play-to-play basis. When running up the middle I like the zoomed in perspective. When passing it’s the traditional camera or one notch out. When running to the outside it’s one of the two zoomed out options and screen plays are all the way zoomed out. Then I get crazy and for some reason like the broadcast camera for kick and punt returns. The only problem I’ve had is that the CPU doesn’t give you any time to change the angle on some kick returns. Everyone will probably have their own set of preferences but I suspect those aware of the options will get creative in using them to their benefit.DEFENSIVE LINE CONTROLSThough the pop-ups might look gimmicky controlling a defensive lineman is much more enjoyable and effective due to the new controls. It’s fun to anticipate the snap (and the good QBs will try to draw you offsides and it’s worked on me a few times) and hit the left trigger to get the best jump. Then once engaged you can hit the button that pops up to try and get off the block and/or use the stick to try and get around them. Sometimes it’ll work and others it won’t – it’s pretty satisfying when it does and impressive when it doesn’t. From the defensive camera angle especially the double and sometimes triple teams that you’ll see are really neat.The problem might be the number of sacks racked up. This seems more related to the QB’s willingness to eat the ball rather than get rid of it. It’s not solely on these controls making it easier to get after them. Ndamukong Suh is on pace for 32 sacks (through eight games he had 16) in my franchise season and I control him on only maybe half the snaps.BALANCED GAMEPLAYIn order to put up realistic scores and stats games are going to need 10+ minute quarters. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The games are playing out more true-to-life but the number of possessions aren’t adequate with shorter quarters. With the defense improved you’ll be punting more than in the past plus the CPU is converting at a high rate on third downs which keeps the clock running.Exploits from last year have really been cleaned up. Running to the outside isn’t going to always work. In my franchise currently Reggie Bush has 4.7ypc and Joique Bell only 3.2 yards…

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    Great Sports game with a few minor problems keeping it from perfection 0

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