Apple iPhone 5 16GB (White) – Unlocked

Apple iPhone 5 16GB (White) – Unlocked

This Brand New iphone 5 16GB White phone comes in Original box from Apple with all Original accessories in the box. This iphone 5 16GB phone comes Factory Unlocked for any GSM and will work with any GSM SIM card in the world.

Product Features

  • New iPhone
  • Size 16 GB

3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5 16GB (White) – Unlocked

  1. Vanessa Rutherford "van the book bandit"
    Vanessa Rutherford "van the book bandit" says:

    It’s An iPhone….Again Warning: My reviews are thorough, straight forward, and to the point…I am and always will be an avid supporter of Apple, despite their obscene prices & sometimes annoying level of arrogance in the world of marketing technology. Say what you will about Apple, there is no denying their superiority when it comes to the quality & capabilities of their products. When I picked up my first iphone in 2008 (a 3GS), I fell in love with the simplicity of Apple iOS & just how easy it is to navigate. Since then, I’ve owned the 4, the 4s, & now the 5. At this point, Needless to say, I’m accustomed to iOS & trying to use phones with other operating systems like Android & Windows gives me the worst headache you could imagine.Now down to the dirty side of this review. Yes, I gave the iphone 5 five stars. Why? Because it does everything it claims to do. It has a slightly faster processor, slightly larger screen, & better resolution than its predecessor. The screen quality, imho, is its best asset. I will not judge the quality of the phone by how much it costs like a large percentage of other reviewers, because it is completely irrelevant in making a fair assessment of the phone itself. Besides that fact, it is pretty comparable in price to any other similar smartphone that you would buy outright without a contract. Want an iPhone but don’t want to pay half a grand? Get a contract like I did & stop whining….Moving on to the dirty, this will probably be my last iPhone purchase for a while. Why? As I’ve come to realize with age, shelling out $200 every single year over an upgrade to a phone that has had little to no significant changes is beyond ridiculous. Most do it for the sake of saying they own the latest iPhone. Some do it for the sake of spending money. Either way, My advice would be to not fall into the conformities of society. Buy the 4s or 5 (which are practically the same darn phone) slap an Otter box or other brand of thick protector on it (it’ll live longer, trust me) & vow to hold out until Apple steps it up an acceptable amount of notches. And honestly, at this point in their game, I don’t see that happening for a while. It’s a vicious money cycle with Apple and I’ll be the first to say…I will not be buying the inevitable & sure to come: iPhone 5s at the end of the year. Unless it can wash my clothes, cook my dinner, & read me a bedtime story….(-_-)

  2. Juan Carlos Brioso
    Juan Carlos Brioso says:

    Great Phone, Stupidly High Price If you buy this phone on amazon or anywhere else for the $1000+ price tag, your just a fool. This phone is great, but only slightly better than the 4S which also runs ios6. The iPhone 5 has a bigger screen which is useful, a slightly better processing chip, and that’s about it. If you don’t own an iphone, getting a 4 or 4S is a better deal since will cost you like 40% less but is only like 10% inferior to the iphone 5.More importantly, on top of that, do you guys think Apple is stupid? They will soon enough come out with iphone 5 unlocked to sell at their stores. They are only selling it with carriers at the moment so the carriers can make money and therefore Apple makes money because carriers pay Apple to do that. But just like the iphone 4S, the iphone 5 will soon be sold unlocked at a retail price of about $650.00Be patient people, don’t be desperate and overpay for an unlocked iphone 5, IT’S A PHONE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, a phone that will be worth HALF of what you bought it here for in less than a year, yes, BELIEVE that. Don’t be foolish.

  3. the Lorax

    Nice improvement over the 4S New Features:Everyone knows it’s lighter and slimmer. Some love it, some think it makes it feel cheap. I carry my phone when I go biking, walking, or running, so I for one welcome the new design. I think the favorite thing for me about the new screen is that it can display an extra row of icons, which means your folders can fit more, and you can have more on one screen. I like to keep everything fitting on one page right there for me to access. The screen is brighter, and color saturation is noticeably better, blacks are blacker, colors are more rich. The phone has LTE which means it will connect to networks faster, and it has 3 microphones, and noise canceling for better audio. The new earbuds are improved (mostly in design, not sound quality) I do wish it came in more colors, but black and white are essential choices, and will do. Hopefully they will bring out more choices, at least Red and Silver.OS/Interface:This is the iOS you know and love. Fundamentally the same, but with new features (Siri, Panoramic Photos, Facetime over 3G) Some people complain that it hasn’t changed enough since the first iPhone. It’s essentially quite simple, which is the aesthetic that defines Apple. How much has OSX changed in the past 7 years? Not much either. If one wanted to change the style of the icons and fonts, they do have the option to jailbreak. What I like about iOS is that there’s only as many menus as there needs to be. With Android you will see redundant menus, and see settings more than once in several menus. Also I was peeved by the back button and the way it serves a different purpose depending on the context. Will pressing it take you back to the apps main menu? Or will it close the app? I dont know! Press it and find out! The fact that they made the iPhone work fundamentally with just the one home button is a feat of itself. Widgets are cool to have, but I always ended up disabling them to conserve battery life and cut down cpu/ram usage. The notification menu, and icon badges suffice for quick indications.Apps:While both Android and iOS have far more apps than any human could sample in a lifetime, what matters most is quality, not quantity. iPhone has all of the best apps at its disposal, many of which do not exist on Android. Games like Infinity Blade II, SF Volt, Chinatown Wars, Fairway Solitaire, music apps like Animoog, DM1, iKaossilator, and Rebirth, and essential apps like iTunes U, Pages, and iMovie. When I switched to Android, I found that there were a lot of great apps I missed that were not on Google Play store. Since i’ve switched back to iPhone 5, I did not notice any key apps that are on Android but not on iOS.Performance:The first thing I noticed on this new model is how snappy everything is. Tasks are executed fast. Launching apps, pages loading, switching through menus, it does it in a breeze. iOS runs smoothly because it’s coded in C, while Android is coded in Java, which has a lot of inefficiencies. I’ve heard people complain of laggy performance even on the new S4. I believe the overhead of Android’s coding is creating a bottleneck, which is why even with a quad core snapdragon, you can still have performance issues. Software is just as important, if not more important, than the hardware. My SamsUniversal Content/Sharing:I have an iPad, and iMac. If I play a game of Vice City on my iPad, I can continue on the same save on my iPhone when I leave my house. If I made a note with some important info on my iMac, i’ll have it on my iPad to refer to, no 3rd party apps needed. If I purchase a universal game, I get it on my phone and tablet. If I am having a text conversation with a friend on my iPhone, I can continue on any other device and see all previous messages. Photos and videos are shared among all the devices as well. I also like that I can facetime with all my friends and family who have an iOS device. When I had an Android phone, I couldn’t get everyone to create Skype accounts and get the app.Reliability/Warranty:The iPhone has been smooth sailing. With the two Android phones, I had a handful of issues. The phone would often freeze, and I would have to restart. Icons would disappear. Keyboard input lagged. Screen brightness would adjust itself, even though auto brightness was shut off. The only thing i’ve experienced is the occasional app crashing, which is often the coding of the app itself, not necessarily an iPhone issue.I like knowing that if I have an issue with the phone, I can go to my local Apple store, and they will either fix it, or replace it with a new one there on the spot. With other manufacturers, they either contract their repairs to a 3rd party business, or they require you to go through the RMA process, ship the phone to them, which can take weeks. If you have an issue that can be resolved over the phone, you will be…

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