Disney’s Inspector Gadget [VHS]

Disney’s Inspector Gadget [VHS]

Strictly for kids, this 1999 live-action feature version of the popular cartoon series seems long even at 80 minutes. As a video, it’s easier to take and appreciate for what works best in the story: the special effects. Matthew Broderick plays the security guard who is physically transformed into a multi-use cyborg with a zillion attachments, from stilts to helicopter blades to skis. A crimefighter in raincoat and fedora, and equipped with a nifty Gadgetmobile, the hero investigates the death of a man linked to the villainous Sanford Scolex (Rupert Everett). Scolex, who blames Gadget for having to wear a prosthetic hand, develops an evil robot twin of the good inspector, causing much mischief and giving Broderick an opportunity to poke fun at his own performance of the virtuous Inspector. The action is shaky, the script plods along, and the effects soon take over; Everett has to go to the extremes of hamminess just to be seen above it. But children of a certain age will almost certainly engage with the more clever stuff and forgive the rest. –Tom Keogh

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  1. Dennis A. Amith (kndy)
    Dennis A. Amith (kndy) says:

    Inspector Gadget – a movie that your family will enjoy! I know that the movie didn’t do as well in the box office and that critics bashed it. The question is why I bought this DVD. I have a few reasons actually. #1) I was a big fan of the animated series as a child. #2) I like Disney films #3) It was on sale. Three major reasons and yet I even struggled to watch it because it was bashed on so much and it was only 78 minutes long.

  2. Sir George Martini "Verbalosity"
    Sir George Martini "Verbalosity" says:

    An Adroit Live Action Master Work Inspector Gadget offers more than you’d expect from a superhero blockbuster with dazzling special effects and a well-written script. The casting is the true strength of the film. Matthew Broderick has always won critical acclaim, due to his superb acting versatility in films including War Games, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Cable Guy, and Godzilla. In his finest performance, Broderick transforms the two dimensional cartoon character made famous by Don Adams, from a security guard into a compassionate, crimefighting cyborg, made up of equal parts of “MacGyver” and “Robocop” with tear-jerking results.

  3. Dennis A. Amith (kndy)
    Dennis A. Amith (kndy) says:

    Inspector Gadget DVD Review: It’s actually not that bad I was expecting a bad film but you know what. I enjoyed it. I actually liked the movie. It’s definitely not below average.

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