Nordic Ware 64802 Microwave Egg Boiler

Nordic Ware 64802 Microwave Egg Boiler

Simple and fast. This microwavable egg shaped container makes perfect soft or hard boiled eggs. Holds up to 4 eggs. Dishwasher safe.NordicWare’s handy Microware TM series for the microwave gives home chefs the tools they need for clean, lean, and fast cooking. This unique egg boiler safely prepares up to four hard- or soft-boiled eggs within its own white, oval shell. To use, simply place whole eggs into the little grooves of the interior perforated shelf (piercing not required), then screw on the top and cook. No more hot water and delicate maneuvering to keep the delicate goods intact! The plastic boiler is high-heat tolerant and goes conveniently into the dishwasher. –Kara Karll

Product Features

  • Microwave egg boiler for hard- or soft-boiled eggs
  • Interior shelf holds up to 4 eggs upright
  • No piercing required
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA

2 thoughts on “Nordic Ware 64802 Microwave Egg Boiler

  1. J. J. Hennessy
    J. J. Hennessy says:

    Microwave Egg Boiler It works great, and it’s small (6″ high, 5″ diameter) and easy to use. May require some experimentation to get times correct for your own microwave. For me: 7 minutes for soft, 8 min for medium, and 9-10 min for hard eggs on high power (700W microwave).It does get very hot, so you need to remove it from the microwave with a potholder or towel. I place the whole thing under the cold tap, then remove the top, and cool the eggs under running water for a minute before peeling.

  2. Michael D. Noble
    Michael D. Noble says:

    The Best Egg Boiler I’ve Found I can’t boil eggs that come out perfectly, too many variables. But with the Nordic Egg Boiler, I am a happy camper. You have to experiment with the first two attempts to get the times right (your microwave power and time to cook the eggs per the instructions). But once you’ve got it down, you get “soft boiled eggs, medium boiled eggs, and hard boiled eggs (may I add, they are easy to peel, very easy!)”. On my microwave, I set the time on high to 12.30 minutes. Thats it. I walk away. The microwave beeps at me. So what, let them sit there. When I’m ready I take them out of the microwave (use pot holders – it’s still hot), and run them in the tray over cold water. Perfect eggs, whether soft boiled, medium, or hard boiled. I did not want a machine that had it’s own heating elements, those machines in time, will break down from the moisture created, and this will result in increased cooking times or complete failure of the unit. The Nordic Egg Boiler works, it is easy to use, and it is simple to use. Nuff said….

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