There are a lot of scary things out there. But here at ThinkGeek Mindlabs(TM) we think there are certainly few things scarier than one’s own imagination. The human mind can play Insert alternative description here devious tricks on itself, especially when given a small amount of outside stimuli to work with. Your thoughts can easily lead you into a maze of paranoia and put you into a very uncomfortable state of heightened awareness. That odd noise that just came from the attic or the “face” you just saw hovering for a split second outside your window – these things can really stir your thoughts. So, we used this simple principle to create our newest mind toy, the ThinkGeek EvilTron.

This fiendishly small device features six creepy sound choices perfect for frightening your “friends” and co-workers. Simply choose your favorite sound (or use the random mode), place it in a dark hiding spot and watch the madness begin. Perfectly suitable for dorm, office and home use. Or try putting it in someone’s car – that gets them every time.
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Your Highly Tested EvilTron Sounds Are:

* Something unsettling creaking
* Unidentifiable scratching sounds
* Gasping last breath
* Sinister child laughing
* Eerie whispering of ‘hey, can you hear me?’
* Random Mode

Product Features

  • Fiendishly small
  • Six scary sound choices (5 sounds plus a random option)
  • Battery included (lasts 1 month+ of continuous use)
  • Embedded Rare-earth Magnet for easy hiding
  • Single push button to change sounds

3 thoughts on “Eviltron

  1. VM "Italnguy"
    VM "Italnguy" says:

    Driving my co-workers crazy I bought a couple of these to try it out,but thinking they wouldn’t work as well as advertised. Well, they work, and they are great. I had one co-worker tear apart his office (I helped him out) and reach a point that he started to scream out “I hear you @**hole…” every 5 minutes or so (i also told a couple people nearby to say that they didn’t hear a thing if he asked). Now we have on in the men’s room, and one in a conference room making people jump and question their sanity.

  2. Cathy Rothas

    Incredible result Being a gadget guy I bought this to use on my unsuspecting spouse but she was home when it was delivered. So I planted it in a office at work. I set it to “Hey, can you hear me?” The result exceeded all expectations. The victim was positive something supernatural was communicating with him. Actually ran down the hall freaking out. It motivated him to clean his office and gather coworkers to assure him others could hear it. Before the eviltron was found out Tec. Support guy suggested he go to church more often. It took him 2 days to find it. I told him he now has to prank someone else with it. My only regret is I did not catch him on video.I really want the next generation to enable recording of custom sounds. I would use:”I said, can you hear me?””I saw what you did”A copy of the victim’s ring tone”I can see you, go back to sleep”

  3. Bryan Lynch

    UPDATED! AWESOME!!!!….Use with CAUTION!!!!!!! 🙂 UPDATE 12/13/11:Holy Crap. So. I got another unit shipped from Amazon. I turned it on and it worked right away. I never left it on to hear the repeat function actually work before deployment though. More on that later.My family went up to visit my Sister and her boyfriend before Christmas a few days ago. I brought along the Eviltron with me hoping to deploy this against my unsuspecting sibling and her boyfriend.Upon arriving, I started scouting out deployment locations. Bathroom pipe? No. Behind the refrigerator? No. Under their bed attached to the bed frame? YES!I activated the Eviltron, clicked through until I heard the “Hey, Can you hear me?” sound and stuck it under their bed. Then I waited. I could not hear it again! Granted, the sound volume is low, and there was a lot of kids running around screaming, but still I heard nothing. I re-deployed it maybe three times. Figuring maybe I’d gotten another defective unit, we left that night disappointed. I left it stuck to the bed frame right near the edge. I figured that next time we were over I’d try again with a new unit.That night went by. No call.The next day went by. No call.Today? CALLMy sister calls me and tells me that they found my little gadget. She says, “Do you want to hear how it went down?” Of course!!!!Here’s a summary of what happened:Shortly after we left, they hear a noise. Then they hear it again…and again.They have no idea what it’s saying. They’re thinking something is haunted in their apartment. Then they hear it clearly say “Hey, Can you hear me?”Thinking that one of my kids may have left a toy on their bed, they pull the sheets off (and find nothing.) They still hear the voice.Then they look under the bed, nothing there.They pull off the mattress. They’re getting freaked out now.They pull off the box spring. Nothing there. Her boyfriend thinks he hears the voice coming from the box spring.HE CUTS OPEN THE BOX SPRING AND LOOKS AROUND WITH A FLASHLIGHT!!!!!. Nothing. More freaking out.My sister picks up the bed frame and shakes it hard….yet Eviltron does not fall off.Then they’re thinking the voice is coming from inside the wood floor. They start thinking about how to pull a floor board up.My sister goes to call her apartment manager and just happens to search Google for the phrase “Hey, can you hear me?”She sees the Eviltron online and goes back to look again. He finds and disables the little devil this time.Her boyfriend is pissed that he cut open his box spring.I had to offer to either replace the box spring or take them out to dinner on us.Bottom line is that this thing is AWESOME!!!!! Just be careful with whom and where you deploy it if you’re not able to monitor the insanity yourself. In the end, this thing was an awesome prank, but it’s costing me a lot more than the initial $10! :-)Original Review:I ordered an Eviltron fulfilled by Amazon.It came promptly and undamaged.I pulled out the power tab and the Eviltron activated….then it stopped making sound when the button was pressed. I even tried a new battery.The box says that you may have to press down on the battery to get it to seat properly. I pressed and pressed and pressed to no avail.It never worked again.The good news is that this little guy is on it’s way back to Amazon and a new one should be here tomorrow. Assuming I get one that actually works, I’ll update my review at that time.

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