Gotcha Gadgets (Klutz)

Gotcha Gadgets (Klutz)

This set of customizable gizmos includes a book of games, pranks, and jokes that make the most of them. The 16 different sound-and-gizmo combinations offer limitless opportunities for immature humor. Follow simple instructions to wire a door alarm, motion sensor, light sensor, or push-button device; then program it with one of four funny sounds.

Comes With: circuit board, speaker, LED, battery clip, photoresistor, switches, project wires, alligator clip, gadget dock, gadget case, 4 gadget covers, 2 doorbell hangers, 2 door alarm hangers

•Create wonderful things • Be good • Have fun

Product Features

  • Includes sounds like Wild Applause and Socially unacceptable gaseous release
  • Great Fun for 8 Years and up

3 thoughts on “Gotcha Gadgets (Klutz)

  1. Andy Hyslop

    SAVE YOUR $$ This toy didn’t do a single thing it was supposed to do. Packaging makes it look fun but this made in China gadget went straight to the trash. Kids were pissed.

  2. Ingrid "Ingrid H."
    Ingrid "Ingrid H." says:

    Good, but needed new part My son got this for Christmas and was disappointed as he tried the first experiment and it did not work. We contacted Klutz and they sent out a new part within days. The new part worked great. Frustrating that the product did not work, but great customer service from the company. Since it has been fixed my son has LOVED this product. Making boxes to hide the gadget and fool people with misleading signs!

  3. Jung Hee Chung
    Jung Hee Chung says:

    unbelievable I never wrote any review in the past. But this one just was so bad and I have to say it. It is simply so bad and I cannot believe a reputable company like Klutz is selling this piece of garbage. My son is so frustrated now. We went over the instruction carefully three times since last night and not even single thing works…

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