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  1. Dre (DreReviews@Yahoo . com)
    Dre (DreReviews@Yahoo . com) says:

    Episode Listing This 3 Disc DVD set contains all 21 episodes from Season 2 of the classic Inspector Gadget cartoon. Amazon doesn’t always do a good job on their DVD episode listings so here are the episodes that are included in this DVD set:1. Magic Gadget2. The Great Wambini’s Seance3. Wambini Predicts4. The Capeman Cometh5. Crash Course in Crime6. Gadget’s Gadgets7. Gadget in Mini-Madness8. The Incredible Shrinking Gadget9. Gadget Meets the Grappler10. Bad Dreams Are Made Of This11. Ghost Catchers12. Busy Signal13. Focus on Gadget14. M.A.D. in the Moon15. N.S.F. Gadget16. Tyrannosaurus Gadget17. Gadget’s Roma18. Gadget’s Clean Sweep19. Gadget Meets the Clan20. Gadget and Old Lace21. Gadget and the Red Rose

  2. Anonymous

    Finally; the second Season on dvd. This completes the best cartoon that has ever been made.The second season is even better than the first one for me. With the best music ever!

  3. Anonymous

    His last season was a good one and i miss watching it on TV and i am glad to get it on DVD.

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