Kikkerland UL01 Electro Man 4-Plug Multi-Outlet

Kikkerland UL01 Electro Man 4-Plug Multi-Outlet

Meet Electro Man.
So cool, you’ll wonder what you ever did without him.
Ready to lend a helping hand (or leg !) depending on your mood.
Plug in up to four different items at a time; don’t worry, he can handle it.. with a smile on his face !

Maximum 15 Amps. Maximum 120 Volts. Maximum 1800 Watts
Plug into any safe, grounded outlet and he’s ready to go
All four plugs are grounded
Green light indicates when power is running to arms and legs
15 Amp circuit breaker/on-off switch with reset feature for overloads or short circuits

Product Features

  • Electro man’s legs and arms have three-prong sockets with enough room even for the biggest adapter
  • Features a circuit breaker switch and grounded plugs for safety
  • Fun alternative to the standard, clunky multi-plug
  • Perfect for home, school or office
  • Measures 14″ L x 12″ W x 1/2″ D with a 28″ L cable length

3 thoughts on “Kikkerland UL01 Electro Man 4-Plug Multi-Outlet

  1. Susie Pedersen "cooknwoman"
    Susie Pedersen "cooknwoman" says:

    I love this fun but very useful Electro Man 4-Plug Multi-Outlet! I purchased this multi-plug outlet for my kitchen so I could plug in the cat’s water filter, toaster and toaster oven and use the other “leg” when I need to vacuum. It is practical because you can leave several useful items plugged in and have a fun conversational piece at the same time.I don’t think there has been one person who hasn’t noticed this fun little gadget! They want to know where to find it – well to be honest I purchased mine at “Bed Bath and Beyond” but they no longer carry this particular one but after searching for one for my Father-in-law I found this one on Amazon.You won’t be disappointed in this happy, but useful little fellow, I promise you!!!

  2. Susan Fahrbach "bio professor"
    Susan Fahrbach "bio professor" says:

    Great gift idea This little gadget is not essential, so many folks would not treat themselves to it. This makes it a great gift idea, especially for the teenagers and college students in your family that you never know what to buy for.

  3. beancountermo

    Electro Man I’ve been looking for a product like this for a long time. I always waste a few plugs on my power strip because some things I use for work have huge plug boxes. With Electro Man – that problem is solved. The price was reasonable. I was surprised that it was larger than I expected. I’m guessing the hand model in the picture is a Viking.

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