Fred & Friends Chimpsticks Chopsticks

Fred & Friends Chimpsticks Chopsticks

Fred & Friends Chimpstick is chopsticks and a chopstick holder in a monkey shape. Great for children to learn chopstick use or for adults who are chopstick impared.

Product Features

  • Monkey theme is a real winner
  • Real looking monkey hand on the tips of the chopsticks
  • Very functional
  • Kids and adults

2 thoughts on “Fred & Friends Chimpsticks Chopsticks

  1. Chrisan B. Gatsios "cbgreek"
    Chrisan B. Gatsios "cbgreek" says:

    These are great! I bought these as a birthday gift for a friend that is severly chopstick-challenged. We went out to dinner for her birthday at a Sushi restaurant and I presented these to her before the first spicy tuna roll hit the table. After laughing and poking fun at her for a bit she started to use them and proceeded to outpace me in grabbing everything from shashmi to the seaweed salad! I fear I have created a monster! I understand these may be intended for children but they work just as well for adults that have a keen sense of humor and don’t mind holding a purple monkey with long “legs” as a dining utencil. I plan on ordering a few more sets for the rest of my friends that still ask for a fork to pierce a maki roll! I only hope they will use them with the same gusto and dexterity that the birthday girl had! (I may have to get myself some too so that I don’t look like the odd man out using boring old chopsticks 🙂

  2. Jessica

    great for kids ages 2 and 3 Our little ones can easily manipulate these chopsticks. They curve at the bottom making picking up items more successful. It’s nice that the chopsticks can be removed and others placed in the holders as well. They wash well. Overall a great buy!

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