Ut Wire 5-Inch Flexi Ties Cable Wrap, 8 Count

Ut Wire 5-Inch Flexi Ties Cable Wrap, 8 Count

5-Inch Flexi Tie is a reusable cable ties for gathering or bundling small group of cords together or organize small cords like earphones, USB cords. These Flexi Ties wrap and twist around cords to keep it organized and under control. A very easy gadget to organize small cords. Flexi Ties have soft cushiony surface that will not cut into insulations. Each pack comes in Grey/Orange/Black, total 8-piece per pack.

Product Features

  • Flex and twist to easy organize the cables; simply unwind to release
  • 5-inch flexi ties is for small grouping of cords; wrap around cords to bundle, organize or group
  • A great way to gather multiple cords together on your desk or organize small cords like earphone or usb cords when unused.
  • Soft cushion surface that does not cut into insulations
  • Each pack of 5-inch flexi ties comes in 8-piece assorted color: grey/orange/black

3 thoughts on “Ut Wire 5-Inch Flexi Ties Cable Wrap, 8 Count

  1. MC

    Big They are wide and soft. Not like other thinner wraps They work good, just way too big for small items.

  2. K. Chen

    Easy to twist and tie all cords for my computer system. Easy to twist and tie all cords together. Never had to cut the old plastic cable ties any more when I want to adjust the length of cords. It is also easier than the traditional hard wair ties to un-twist. Actually, I bought it because its color and foam feeling that make cords to look nicer. It can also use on many other uses, not only for cords. Good Product!!

  3. Patricio

    Very useful Is really a very good product, bigger than expected, works great with a MacBook Pro charger and some phone and other chargers. Very useful indeed!!

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