Can You Imagine Melting Clock

Can You Imagine Melting Clock

Can You Imagine 2320 Melting Clock is an attention grabbing clock that is so unique it’s sure to draw the envy of all your friends. The actual clock is designed to look as if it is in the process of melting off of whatever surface or shelf it is placed on

Product Features

  • Chrome plated case
  • Precision quartz movement
  • A conversation piece and a work of art

3 thoughts on “Can You Imagine Melting Clock

  1. Kyle

    Just like I expected. This clock is a good size and really looks awesome. The only thing misleading about it is that there is a large plastic bubble covering it, which looks terrible and is conveniently hidden in all the product pictures because of the clever angles they take the photos from.Luckily, its very easy to remove this plastic piece from the back, if you use a small screwdriver. The only downside to that is that eventually the clock will get dusty.

  2. Natalie Hopkins
    Natalie Hopkins says:

    smaller than I thought This item is smaller than I had thought and made of plastic. I guess I had looked at so many things lately maybe I didn’t read the description to well but I thought it would be made of glass and metal, not all around plastic. It does not rest on the area I had wanted it to, above my fireplace on the mantle, as it need the bottom of the clock to rest on a wall. A little disappointed but I still really like the idea and my husband found a new place to put it. So even though it is not as I thought, it is the only one of it’s kind right now and I do still like it.

  3. Allen F. Schneider, Jr. "Alien Observer"
    Allen F. Schneider, Jr. "Alien Observer" says:

    very interesting piece …and it works! This is just the sort of wierd piece that I like to display in such a way that you don’t notice it right away. The clock works and seems to keep decent time. The finish is a little cheap but hey, it’s a novelty.

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