Park Zone Precision Parking Device

Park Zone Precision Parking Device

The Park Zone Precision Parking is an innovative, precision parking device that helps solve depth-perception and overcrowding issues in your home garage. This guidance system for parking vehicles is easy to install – just hang it on your garage wall. Determine your park zone by setting the distance from the wall to your bumper using the ultrasonic sensor. Park Zone will guide your vehicle into the garage with safe-precision for an entire year without having to change the batteries or shut off the unit. This convenient parking device will change the way you park your vehicle forever.Park-Zone is an innovative precision-parking device for the home that’s easy to use and even easier to install. After a simple one-time setup, the Park-Zone uses its ultrasonic sensing mechanism to measure the distance from your car to the garage wall as you park. When you pull into the garage, you see the green light illuminate, then midway it changes to yellow, and when the light turns red you’re right where you want to be. In our book, this beats a tennis ball hanging on a string because it’s a lot easier to set up, it’s much more precise, and, unlike the tennis ball, it looks good in a garage. Anyone who parks in a small or crowded garage will appreciate the accuracy this gadget offers. The Park-Zone operates on four AA batteries batteries. Stop bumping the back wall and get into the Park-Zone. –Brian Trinen

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    One less thing for Dad to complain about… The car gets parked in the garage to his satisfaction every time now…

  2. Michael Casey "Michael"
    Michael Casey "Michael" says:

    Much better than a hanging string. What can I say other than ‘it works great.’ Very easy to install and setup. Simply park you car where you want it and press a button — the park-zone will remember this location and signal you to stop whenever you pull in to that spot again. Took about 4 minutes to hang and setup. Batteries last a long time — and in a very hot garage, too. I love it.

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