Wall Mount Hanging Beta Fish Bubble Aquarium Bowl Tank

Wall Mount Hanging Beta Fish Bubble Aquarium Bowl Tank

Add a lively touch to your home decor with this half-round acrylic wall-mount fishbowl. Vibrant fishbowl can be decorated with gravel and plants Space saving aquarium hangs like a painting

Product Features

  • Wall Hanging Fish Bowl
  • Measures 10.5″ inches in diameter
  • Holds approximately 1 gallon of water

2 thoughts on “Wall Mount Hanging Beta Fish Bubble Aquarium Bowl Tank

  1. Stephanie Panas
    Stephanie Panas says:

    Cute, but cruel. Sorry, but it’s true! I was really excited about finding this wall-mounted fish bowl, and when it arrived I was delighted. I got it set up (it was very easy to hang), added my beta and thought it looked fabulous. It seemed sturdily made, and truly was an attention-grabber and a conversations starter. However, after a short while I found myself looking at my beta, who hardly had room to turn around, and feeling pretty guilty about keeping a living creature in such a tiny world simply because I thought it was pretty to look (and contrary to popular belief, betas do not “like” living in cups because it mimics their natural habitat. This is a lie to get people to buy betas in cups). After a few weeks I broke down and bought a small aquarium. The beta is MUCH happier and frankly I am as well, because it addition to assuaging my guilt I find the beta much more interesting to watch now that he has room to spread his fins a bit. I now have aquatic plants in the wall-mounted bowl, and can enjoy its beauty in a guilt-free fashion. It’s much better.

  2. chookey

    Not using it for its intended purpose I didn’t buy these on amazon but I did but 2 of them at a pet store. I gave this product 5 stars because you don’t have to use them for its intended purpose. As soon as I saw these an idea popped into my head. While I would never put a fish in here ever I bought some river rocks, and tea light candles. I covered the bottom with the river rocks filled the “tank” half ways with water and put in the tea light. It looks so beautiful and brings a smile to my face when ever I walk by them. Sometimes I take out the candles and put in a fake flower, or put rose petals in them. So many possibilities with this product but should never be used for fish.

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