Nite Ize GT3-4PK-A1 Gear Tie Reusable 3-Inch Rubber Twist Tie, Assorted Colors

Nite Ize GT3-4PK-A1 Gear Tie Reusable 3-Inch Rubber Twist Tie, Assorted Colors

It is 3 inch , Gear Tie, Assorted Colors, With A Fully Bendable Wire Interior and Colorful, Durable, Soft Rubber Exterior, Perfect All Around Organizer, Keep Computer Cords, Headphones and Ear Buds Bundled and Untangled, Close Produce, Snack and Goody Bags, Shore Up Plant and Flower Stems and Much, Much More, All With A Simple Twist.

Product Features

  • Perfect in the garage, car, on the boat, or around the house to secure and organize anything and everything
  • Thousands of uses
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Three-inch size is great for headset cord, snack bags, and more
  • Strong wire inside rubber coating won’t lose its shape

3 thoughts on “Nite Ize GT3-4PK-A1 Gear Tie Reusable 3-Inch Rubber Twist Tie, Assorted Colors

  1. Avid Reader

    At last! No more tangled cords! YES, YES, I know! Woe is me! Tangled Ipod cords. Big deal you say. 🙂 Actually, tangled I-pod cords have been an irritation since forever. Frustrating. I hear music mainly during my train ride to and from work–honestly, who wants to wrestle with cords at 6:30 am and then again at 5pm? Annoying, frustrating. Not a big deal. Until you have to do it the eleven billionth time and then you’ve had it. Then you go to search for that little doohicky that is going to remove one less annoyance from your life. Then you start to realize with dawning horror that the possibilities are endless–and usually not very effective. I like straightforward, uncomplicated things. Simple but effective. I’ve searched Levenger–too pricey, even for a Levenger fan like me. Of course, what’s left? Amazon of course. The store that has everything under the sun–and then some. Found these, hoping these little cute things will solve the little annoyance of the morning “ritual of the tangled cords.”Got it today. Simple but effective. Nothing fancy. WORKS wonderfully. Doesn’t cost a fortune And of course, it comes in pink. What more can you ask for? Now I don’t have to untangle my ipod headphone cords ever again. Ah… less daily irritant. How much more wonderful can it get?

  2. B. W. Sheier

    Great product line All of these Gear Ties are, in a word, “FANTASTIC”. I have bought dozens of them in various sizes and colors. Diameters are appropriate for the length.Shortest ones are for things like earphone and charger wires. The longest ones can be used for garden hoses, large power tools, binding things to ladders, etc.I have even used an 18 inch one to secure an interior child gate to create a make shift pen for a rottweiler!Nite Ize has a winner here.

  3. pjbtk

    AMAZING product saves you from untangling your headphones using this your headphone wire never get tangled up when you put them in your pockets. I got these ties from CTIA 2011 and I have to say this one of the best products ever. my headphones used to always get tangled when i put them in my pocket but now i never have to worry about tangled headphones.

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