World Pride Nylon Handbag Insert Comestic Gadget Purse Organizer (Wine Red)

World Pride Nylon Handbag Insert Comestic Gadget Purse Organizer (Wine Red)

Package included:
1 x Handbag Organizer.

This is a brand new handbag organizer. You won’t forget your lipstick, bank card, phone in your other bag ever again. Just simply place this in the bag you are going to use for the day!

No more rummaging about in the bottom of your bag for that ‘lost’ item now you can keep everything easily accessible with this handy organizer.

Product Features

  • Easily move and rotate the entire contents of your bag
  • Multiple pockets to classify your personal stuff
  • Keep your mobile, keys, purse, make-up and other essential items organised and within easy reach
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: approx 11.2″ x 6.7″ x 3.3″ (28.5cm x 17cm x 8.5cm)

3 thoughts on “World Pride Nylon Handbag Insert Comestic Gadget Purse Organizer (Wine Red)

  1. Cheryl "Copper's Wife"
    Cheryl "Copper's Wife" says:

    It’s okay, but the photos are not of their product I ordered this purse organizer in the wine/burgundy color, and it’s okay. The photos on the Amazon listing, at least for the color I purchased, are NOT of the organizer I received. Rather, they are from the website of a Korean company. The padding of the pouches that is visible in the picture does not exist in the organizer received. Given the bargain price of this organizer, I’ll keep it and use it. However, be aware that the photos shown are NOT of the product being sold here.

  2. happy customer
    happy customer says:

    Save your money I ordered 3 of these for gifts. They did arrive within the time frame stated. They were packaged properly. The product itself does not look as good as the picture. It was either someone’s first attempt at sewing or they just didn’t care what the finished product looked like. The stitching isn’t straight, they had difficulty with thread tension, and fabric is uneven. On other sites these retail for around $40 for the exact same product. They even use the same photo. I would have been furious to pay that kind of money for so poor of a product. As it is these were cheap and will hopefully serve their purpose. I won’t be gifting these though. Save your money and sew your own.

  3. Jack's Mom

    You get what you pay for This is a nylon handbag insert. It has various pockets and zippers. Yes, all of this apparent from the picture. However, while the product I received has all of the features shown in the picture and described, the craftsmanship leaves a little something to be desired. I paid less than $8.00 for this product, which is why I’m not terribly upset that the item I received was sewn haphazardly. The organizer measures close to an inch taller on one side and gradually slopes down. The seams are at first glance are adequate, but I’m not sure how well they will hold given there appears to have been some issues with thread tension when the item was assembled. It serves its purpose well, but I’m not sure of the durability in the long run. Overall I’m happy,especially considering the item arrived almost two weeks ahead of the shipping estimate. Just beware, if you’re paying more than a few dollars for this item or you’re expecting a heavy duty, will take a beating, and looks like a designer insert, you’re better off making your own or finding one you’re willing to pay more for.

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