Dell Computer E-Series E2414H 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Dell Computer E-Series E2414H 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Brilliant screen clarity, environment-conscious design and rigorous reliability testing define the Dell 24 Monitor | E2414H

Product Features

  • High-resolution widescreen 24″ display has the features you need to help boost productivity.
  • Rigorous testing and process-quality monitoring help ensure long-term performance reliability.
  • Built to comply with the latest environmental and regulatory standards.

3 thoughts on “Dell Computer E-Series E2414H 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

  1. D. Hentze

    Excellent for the price. I picked up the Dell Computer E-Series E2414Hr 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor when it was on sale for $100, and for the price it has more than met my expectations. I was replacing an old 22″ Samsung LCD that served me well, but has lost its brightness. Out of the box, the first thing I noticed is that the monitor includes a VGA cable, but no DVI cable. Seriously? In this time and age, who is buying a 24″ 1080p HD monitor and hooking it up with a VGA cable? It would have irked me less if it hadn’t included any cable. I used my old DVI cable so it wasn’t really an issue, but it just bothered me.It took me less than 5 minutes to assemble and hook the monitor up to my computer. There was no need to install the included drivers, as Windows 8.1 recognized the monitor, model, and correct settings. My monitor did not have any defects such as light bleeding or dead pixels. The default out of the box settings looked pretty good. The “standard mode” looked better than the other preset modes by far. All I did was turn the brightness and contrast up to “80” from “75”, and the picture quality looked even better. Images and text are clear. Colors appear accurate. It definitely looks better than my old monitor, but that isn’t saying much. I played a couple games to see if response time was an issue, and it wasn’t at all. All in all, I’m very happy for what I got for the price. I’m sure you can buy a better monitor, but for $100-$120, I doubt you’ll find better in this price range. I give 5+ stars for the price, and 4 stars for performance.Pros:Price.24″ LED Backlit 1080p screen.Fast 5ms response timeENERGY STAR® QualifiedWell designed and built.Overall good image and text quality.Accurate color.Cons:Not designed for high end graphics display.Viewing angles are “fair”.Pre-set modes other than “standard” are poor.No DVI Cable included.

  2. chuck steele

    What a great purchase this was for us. It was set up and working within 10 minutes of the FedEx guy delivering, My wife was telecommuting today and I had the whole thing up and running while she was in the kitchen getting a coffee. She is an actuary and is sensitive to the picture quality. The whole screen was pure and devoid of any flaws whatsoever.She is happy, therefore I am thrilled.

  3. David N. Mead
    David N. Mead says:

    Get One…You’ll love it. Terrific monitor A great monitor for the money. Absolutely perfect high res image, and LED lighting is really terrific. My first experience with that. It makes it very light weight and even contrast and brightness across the entire screen.

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