Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas

Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas

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It’s Christmas, and Santa Claus is in trouble! Aided by his niece, Penny and his faithful dog Brain, Inspector Gadget, everyone’s favorite clumsy bionic policeman, heads out to the North Pole to save Santa and Christmas from the evil clutches of Dr. Claw.

At the North Pole, Dr. Claw has disguised himself as Father Christmas and convinces Gadget that there’s no evil plan to ruin the biggest holiday of the year. What Gadget doesn’t know is Dr. Claw has installed mind-control devices on all of the elves to destroy all the kid’s toys on Santa’s Nice list. With the help of his sidekicks and constant serendipitous good luck, will Gadget figure out Dr. Claw’s villainous plans and saves Christmas before it’s too late?

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  1. D. Crean

    Seven Years Later, Gadget Is Back…To Save Christmas! Seven years after the original series ceased its original run, “Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas” was released as a prime-time special in December 1992.Gadget is back (and still voiced by Don Adams), and this time, he has to rescue Santa and his hypnotized elves from his old adversary, Dr. Claw. It’s up to Gadget, with some help from his niece Penny and loyal dog Brain, to put a stop to his plot to give Santa a bad name.Most revival series, specials and movies aren’t usually up to par, but this one is actually pretty good. Gadget fans will appreciate the similarites between this special and the original series, as opposed to the live-action movie with Matthew Broderick.Pros:*Gadget is still voiced by Don Adams.*Most of the reoccuring gags are still used such as the exploding message, lines such as “Chief, is that you? …you’re where?” Also, Gadget still uses most of his original gadgets: gadget handcuffs, gadget copter, gadget legs, and so on.*Penny and Brain are still a significant part of the episode.*Three additional episodes from the series are included with the special: “The Weather in Tibet”, “So It Is Written” and “Birds of a Feather”Cons:*Unlike the original series, the music for the special was not by Haim Saban & Shuki Levy, but the music is still good nonetheless. (Although there is really nothing that can compare with the original score of the show.) Naturally, the three extra episodes’ music are by Saban/Levy so that should be some consolation.*This Christmas special was a bit more light-hearted than the original series, but it doesn’t seem to take away from the charm of the show.Overall, any Gadget fan would enjoy this. Hopefully, DiC will continue to release additional episodes of the original series.


    Not like the old TV series I had seen Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas and I was rather embarassed by it. For one thing, the animation here seems like it was targeted for really small kids. The old animated series was done in the Japanese anime style (fact is, all the animation was made in Japan). With Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, it looks like all the animation was made right here in America and it comes across as being surprisingly childish, while the original series was anything but childish. I guess the point here was they were trying to target this version of Inspector Gadget to the same kids who watch Barney, totally forgetting that there were plenty of people at that time (1992) who remembered the original series (simply because Nickelodeon was airing it on regular basis at that time, and still did until recently, now ABC Family, formerly Fox Family airs it). While Dr. Claw still sounds like his old self and you still don’t see his face, and Penny and Brain is still doing Gadget’s real work, I find this really dumbed down and really lacks the charm and appeal of the original series. To me I think this is a disgrace to the Inspector Gadget name, but I can be only thankful it’s not quite as bad as the non-animated Disney made in 1999.

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