Thumbs Up UK Smart Glove Touch Glove for Smartphone – Retail Packaging – Black

Thumbs Up UK Smart Glove Touch Glove for Smartphone – Retail Packaging – Black

Thanks to the special conductive material discreetly woven into the forefinger, middle finger and thumb tips of these stylish gloves, you can keep your fingers toasty and activate your touchscreen devices at the same time! Attempting to use a touchscreen device when you’re wearing gloves is a little like trying to cross-stitch while wearing oven gloves, i.e. almost impossible. In the past you had to choose between frozen fingers and a workable device or cosy mitts and an unworkable gizmo… but not anymore! Thanks to the development of the iTouch gloves, you can keep warm while scrolling through your emails, sending a text, beating your high score on Bejeweled and generally maxing out on touchscreen goodness in the open air! iTouch gloves are super soft and work with most touchscreen devices, including the iPhone and the iPad. And you can rest assured they won’t damage your prize gadgets; the special material woven into the fingertips is designed to be conductive without scratching or damaging your touchscreen in any way.

Product Features

  • Special conductive material interwoven into fingertips allows wearer to use touchscreen devices whilst wearing the gloves
  • Compatible with capacitive touchscreen devices, including the iPad and iPhone
  • Will not scratch or damage your screen
  • Hand wash in cool water only, reshape whilst damp
  • One size fits most

3 thoughts on “Thumbs Up UK Smart Glove Touch Glove for Smartphone – Retail Packaging – Black

  1. Galen Zinn

    Maybe For Ladies, But…. This company’s customer service is fantastic. I received a pair of IGLOVES with a hole on the thumb. The same pair also developed another larger hole in the crotch between the thumb and index finger. This pair of gloves was replaced by 2 new pairs of gloves; hallelujah! Thanks for the excellent customer service! These gloves are adequate for the job only if you are accessing a touch screen under semi-cold conditions. Heavier gloves should be carried for more strenuous tasks in cold weather, in which case you should not expect to be using a touch screen on any electronic device. These gloves are simply not intended for heavy handed tasks, such as controlling your dog on a walk. When I put gloves on, I expect them to stand up to most any task that I would undertake. That’s why I mentioned to the manager on the phone that I was glad that I could wear his gloves inside of heavier winter gloves, and still have finger protection by removing the outer glove when I needed to access my device in cold weather. Severely cold outdoor weather does not lend itself to access an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. It’s simply too cold (not good for the devices), awkward, and clumsy. This is not negative feedback, it simply specifies the conditions under which these gloves will function adequately. I go out on cold, windy, rainy days to walk my dog regardless of the weather conditions. These gloves can not handle a dog leash. I now know that there are other heavier touch screen gloves on the market that I should have considered. My mistake.

  2. Birdknowsbest
    Birdknowsbest says:

    Check out my short video review

  3. Nandakumar Murugan
    Nandakumar Murugan says:

    Torn apart After few times of usage the clothe torn apart between fingers. I will not recommend to this my friends. Bad product.

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