Sonic Boom Extension Cord

Sonic Boom Extension Cord

This Sonic Boom Extension Cord for Sonic Boom alarm clock and pillow vibrators offers a new freedom for where you place your clock. Now you can extend the vibrator cord of all Sonic Boom alarm clocks up to 15 feet, for a total of 22 feet including existing vibrator cord. Great for bunk beds or for those hard-to-wake up individuals, it allows placement of alarm clock far enough away to force you to get out of be to turn it off. Only for use with Sonic Boom’s white pillow vibrator. Product dimensions (imperial): 15 inch L Product dimensions (metric): 381.00 mm L

Product Features

  • Fifteen feet of extra cord for your vibrator
  • Set clock up to fifteen feet away from your bed
  • Extra cord allows more setup choices
  • For use with bunk beds or hard to wake individuals
  • Works with Sonic Booms white pillow vibrator

3 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Extension Cord

  1. James E Miller
    James E Miller says:

    Sonic Boom Clock Ext. Cord When you buy the Sonic Boom Clock you should go ahead and buy this at the same time. If you use the vibrator disc the cord is very short, having the clock on a night stand and the disc inside your pillow case it just isn’t long enough.

  2. sltl

    Approx 14-feet long. I didn’t receive a packing slip with this product from the wholesaler, so it’s not going to be an easy return.The vibrator disk on the Sonic Boom alarm clock may not need an extension if you consider how it works and what wakes you. The vibrator doesn’t necessarily have to be under your pillow or in the bed with you, as I found. It works beautifully as an alarm in itself as it rattles on the hardwood floor or lodged between the mattress and sheetrock wall. For me, this obnoxious noise is reason enough to wake.The length of cord on the vibrator disk that comes with the alarm clock assembly is 6-feet 3-inches, so consider that before you purchase this 14-foot extension.

  3. Lisa Caroline
    Lisa Caroline says:

    Works as Intended… Does what it was supposed to do… extends the range of the vibrating piece of the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock. The cord it comes with only allows the clock to be a short distance from the bed. The extension cord allowed us to run it further away from the bed so the 12 year old can’t hit the snooze button and return to sleeping without being aware he did so. This clock is the only thing that wakes him up, so we are happy to spend another $13 on an extension cord for it…

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