Motorola Droid X2 No Contract Verizon Cell Phone

Motorola Droid X2 No Contract Verizon Cell Phone

•Double the Does
Droid X2 is fueled by a dual-core 1GHz processor. Translation: faster load times, faster gaming, and a much faster you. Bring on the rich media, the animations, and the Flash videos, because you are now a no-holds-barred browsing beast.
•Multimedia Mission Control
Capture the images that are rightfully yours with rapid – fire photography, continuous auto – focus, dual LED flash, and the eagle-eye clarity of an 8MP camera. Flip the switch to record video in 720p HD even if you’re losing light, because darkness doesn’t stop Droid, and it no longer stops you.
•More Vigorously Vivid
Display your visual virtuosity with a qHD 960×540 display that bestows upon your pupils 26% more pixels than Droid X. Mirror your Droid with any HDTV or computer with HDMI and broadcast the brilliance in 1080p HD.
•An Apps Explosion
Eradicate idle time with an army of apps awaiting your orders in the Android Market and V CAST Media Store. Work, play, read, or socialize with the ever – expanding world of Android apps.

Product Features

  • 3G-ready CDMA
  • Dual-core 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proceessor
  • ULP GeForce GPU
  • Google’s Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system
  • Geo-tagging

3 thoughts on “Motorola Droid X2 No Contract Verizon Cell Phone

  1. Sublimazed

    No issues Item was 100% as described and shipped promptly. Would have no compunctions about ordering from source again. Recommended. We use the phone all the time and was a much better deal than being scammed by a cell carrier for a two year contract. Further, it’s a 3g phone and since you can’t get unlimited 4g, it’s a great 3g phone for those of us who still have an unlimited data plan.

  2. AntennaMan

    DX2 Much better than original Droid A855 DX2 Much better than original Droid A855Rev: 11-29-2012aThe good:– This phone/pda is much better that the original Droid (A855) that I had for two months, that older phone sux.– The Droid X2 (DX2) is much faster, seems more refined, less buggy. The screen is just big enough.– Hidden treasure: FM broadcast receiver works very-very good. Uses your provided headphones (requires them to work, its the antenna), to receive FM. This is the best FM receiver I own? The Bandwith seems to very as signal quality varies, the result is there is much less static. And has very good fidelity. The GUI need more attention, like push button access to the favorites, signal strength meter (RSSI) and such. Radio work wonderfully…Over all I’m more happy with this Droid X2. It would get 4-stars, if not for all the minor problems (all bad software, related, see below)…The bad:– I had to clear all cash, 3 times, and reset to original factory setting once (erase everything and start over (this held a lot))…– Music player skips, at least once per song, some program is interrupting or some thing??? *1– Phone crashers for no apparent reason. Seems to be excessive CPU usage problem. Just after closing Google maps or other programs. 90% of the time this is only solved by removing the battery, nothing else fixes this problem.– Clock is completely cell network based. If the battery is removed, the clock cant be set without turning on the cell radio, even if you have WiFi with a clock sync program running (i use airplane mode, at home, so the battery dont die overnight, as I have no cell service where I live).– I dont like Google, any more. It seems, I have troubles with them constantly (cant sync phone book as stated on their web site. maps crashing, Goggle application crashing (most of this was on the A855). And no one to report this too and get help (no customer support)).– After I got the dock, “Motorola” tries to force an additional computer (drivers) update (other than the standard USB ones), if you download it, each time you connect to the computer, three folders open. One is the Motorola drivers folder and this seems to make a browser window open and it connect to the internet, to a Verizon wirelesses backup service, a video self starts, advertising a service I dont want or need. Apparently I have to Root the phone, to remove this nag-ware from the phone, in order to make it stop. Work around (sorta): And and remove programs, and remove the offending Motorola folder. The third folder still opens, after docking, but no internet sales video starts.– The info area at the top of the phone is supper tiny and there seems to be no setting to make it bigger.– The signal strength bars, has just 4 bars, instead of the standard 5, and is hard to see. Having no signal, is common where I live, and the no signal looks, like full bars.– The info area messages comes and goes, faster than I can read (same area).– GPS wont actually turn on, when selected (using maps), if the cellular service is turned off. The symbol shows up, but not worke. The work around is: Turn on cellular, then GPS, then turn cell back off, to make GPS work. Even still some times the GPS just wont work. THen it takes a power off-on reset. Sometimes this dose not work and you need to do the remove the battery reset, and reinstall the battery, to restart the GPS…– Screen timeout dose not apparently apply to wake up screen and sometimes the screen goes to sleep, as I’m trying to inter the password or shut the phone off, or set it into to airplane mode.– There is a lot of data consuming bloat-ware on the phone and rooting is the only solution is to remove. This stuff also kills memory and slows the phone as sum of it, starts and runs despite that I’m not using it. There is way too much trash, supplied by Verizon, on this phone.– Android/ Google. I’m not liking the disclaimers, that accompanies 98% of all the applications. One example: Why dose a mapping program, need to take pictures or record sound, or can even make phone calls, without user intervention??? This is in may of the disclaimers, when you download software to the phone from the Google Play Store – Why???– Weird battery removal process, and poorly described. A piece of plastic (red) label is used to pry up the battery. It exceptionally unprofessional – a cheap solution. I expect it will fail (tare), making imposable to remove the battery, over time. I use my phone enough, I use several batteries, and even one a separate aftermarket charger, to charge batteries out of the phone. I own 4 batteries, one of the original 1500mAh battery, the other 3 are aftermarket BH5X that is 1900mAh, I got from ebay. All are the standard thin, non-fat (dose not take a different battery door), battery.Inclusion:As you can see, I have many somewhat…

  3. Thor

    If you want the best bang for your buck on a 3G phone buy this one! This phone has been great. If you are looking for the best bang for you buck on an Android OS, 3G Smartphone, this is it. Although I can’t say Motorola is the best hardware available in smartphones they do have value when you consider the screen size/CPU/and other stats on the phone it is the best stats you can get in the under $300 price range. I did a LOT of research before deciding on this phone. My provider is pagepluswireless which is a prepaid cell phone company and they only have a 3G capable network so I needed a phone that was 3G and not 4G. I found this to be the best price/spec/screen size phone for what I wanted. Only real drawback is the stock battery is really bad, goes dead in about 30 minutes of the screen being lit. I bought an extended battery and new battery cover for it for about $17 on Amazon here and that has worked great. Battery life is now excellent. If you are into doing custom ROM’s and rooting your phone then this phone is awesome for that as well, there is a lot of aftermarket and custom support for the X2, get it while you can! 😛

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