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  1. RatherLiveInKeyWest
    RatherLiveInKeyWest says:

    HTC Droid Incredible 2 – Second time around… and the replacement phone has been excellent Upgraded my Verizon Wireless phone mid-2011 to the HTC Incredible 2 and had issues right away with lack of signal strength and volume… tried for a couple weeks but it just sucked, so I called VZW and they promptly sent a replacement.The replacement has been fantastic. Easy to use, great virtual keyboard/touchscreen alignment, plenty of pages to store apps on, and excellent battery life. Battery life was initially nothing to write home about, but I’d used the Easy Battery Saver app before and installed it pronto — now the battery lasts an average of 2 to 2 1/4 days (usage depending of course). Out of the box I was probably just barely getting through the day.Prior to this phone I had a Motorola Droid 2, Droid, and an HTC Eris and I like the Incredible 2 the best of them all . The Droids were nice, but they were heavy and clunky. The Eris was nice until an Android software update essentially destroyed its virtual keyboard to touchscreen alignment.This Incredible 2 is thin enough for me, lightweight compared to the others I had, and the screens are totally easy to use. Text is very simple, and email setup was a breeze. It works perfectly with Google Navigator and I have even lost my Garmin GPS having not used it since getting this phone.How could it be better? Well, it does come preloaded with apps that you can’t get rid of like Verizon Navigator, Skype, Slacker Radio, Books, Facebook, Flickr, Amazon Kindle, NFL Mobile, Peep, YouTube and other byte stealers that I really do not care about using on my phone… would be nice to be able to delete them altogether, but hiding them works OK too.I like and recommend this phone, but suggest that you get very aggressive right away with VZW Customer Service if you get a lemon and hopefully they would treat you like they did me and send a replacement that was outstanding.

  2. doc64

    Awesome phone I was very happy with it when I recieved it everything worked great! This seller also did a great job packaging due to me being in Afghanistan my product got to me safe and sound.

  3. Justin

    Phone has some major issues I’ve had this phone for a year and a half. Overall, it worked ok; I would encounter massive slowdowns occasionally which require a restart of the phone. Restarting the phone takes about 5 minutes.In addition, I have had an issue where some system apps would delete themselves, making the phone useless. This required the phone to be brought back to factory settings.Lastly, after 1.5 years of using this phone, the usb port on the phone has worn down, making it impossible to charge. After doing some research online, this is a common issue.

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