Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic No Contract 4G LTE Android Phone

Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic No Contract 4G LTE Android Phone

100% Functional SuperFast 4G LTE Capable supported by Dual Core Processor Excellent webtop application makes great tool for business users Android OS provides excellent security

Product Features

  • 100% Functional
  • SuperFast 4G LTE Capable supported by Dual Core Processor
  • Excellent webtop application makes great tool for business users
  • Android OS provides excellent security

3 thoughts on “Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic No Contract 4G LTE Android Phone

  1. Brad T. Dobie "Brad"
    Brad T. Dobie "Brad" says:

    A good phone with a few glitchs Firstly I would like to address the numerous reviews regarding the phone not switching from 3g to 4g or losing a data connection when it has full service. I Started out having the very same problems with the phone, but I eventually figured out the 2 sources. In order to save data Motorola designed this phone to switch automatically to wifi once wifi is available. The result is that once the phone gets even a sniff of an open wifi hotspot it disconnects from the broadband data. While this should have been fixed in software patches, you can overcome it by turning off your wifi when your not using it. Another cause of problems is that this phone doesn’t accurately represent the strength of the signal it is receiving causing some people to think the phone is cutting them off when really they are in a dead zone. I noticed this by comparing my signal to my friends Droid Razar in areas where I frequently lost data. I do still have occasional issues with connectivity on the order of about once a week. To get it working again though all I need to do is turn airplane mode on then off by pushing and holding the power button and selecting airplane mode from the pop up menu. Connectivity issues aside this is a truly great phone. The battery last me all day as long as I remember to charge it each night and the auto end feature allows you to tell the phone what application precess you want it to stop when not in use to save power. The side HDMI port is great for streaming movies to my TV from Netflix in HD since the 4gLTE is faster than my home internet, never pauses to buffer, and never steps down my video quality mid show. The dual core processor in this phone is very fast. I can run multiple applications in the back ground while playing games and it won’t even break a sweat in fact it has never once locked up on me as other phones have. Bottom line is if it weren’t for the connectivity issues this would probably be the best phone ever made. I am a big fan of Motorola products and am quite frankly disappointed that they made such a great phone then ruined it by letting such an obvious glitch slip through the cracks. I do not regret my purchase of this phone, but when I have the money I am going for a Razar since they are functionally very similar minus the connectivity issue.

  2. James

    Great Phone but overlooked THis phone came out right before the Razr. I don’t know why Motorola did that but this hurt the popularity of the Bionic. The Bionic is a great phone. fast, smooth and does everything I could want it to do. The pone has many nice features like HDMI Mirror mode, which I use a lot. Another great feature it the webtop app which turns your phone into a neat little Netbook or desktop. The battery last about as long as my X did. During heavy daily use I can make it through the work day on a full charge, Charge it up while driving and it’s good to go by the time I get home. With average use it last me all day. The screen is nice, It’s not AMOLED nice but it does have a great image. 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” Will be added to this phone in the upcoming months and make this phone that much nicer. The only Issue I have is it takes what seams like forever to change from 4G to 3G leaving me network-less. Manualy changing the settings will speed this up but is a annoying none the less, hopefully The upcoming 4.0 update will fix this. After owning this phone and having personal experience with the Razr I can say in my honest opinion – The Bionic is basically the same as the Razr minus the super thin kevlar case. Sure there are better phones out now but if your looking for a decent, fast phone that still has some life in it, the Bionic is a great choice.

  3. Dave W.

    This is a fantastic phone-ignore the naysayers I highly recommend this phone, I have had mine for over a year now with very, very few issues. Most of what I have seen negative about this phone can be attributed to user error, or being in a fringe 4G area. Certainly there are lemons out there, and people who are upset are most likely to write a review, so I thought I would take a different approach and write a positive review. Now that the ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) update is out for this phone it makes it a no-brainer. The phone runs even better now, even better than my daughter’s razor, and I have the option of replacing the battery if I need to without ripping it apart or sending it in. The display is phenomenal outside, as it uses an extra white pixel in its screen, RGBW, whereas the razor series uses just RGB and you can see the difference! The razors have a noticeable green cast to them, whites don’t seem as white (since they have to use Red Green Blue to make white) and they are just not as good in bright sunlight. To be fair, my son had some problems dropping data on 4G with his, which I attributed to his driving all over God’s creation on his job, but since the ICS update, it’s ALL good, no issues at all. If you need a replacement 4G phone to keep unlimited data or replace a lost or broken phone you can’t go wrong with the Bionic. Just make sure if you get one and it hasn’t been updated to ICS that you make that the first thing to do on your to do list!

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