Tech Tools Desktop Madness Series Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back (HS-8040)

Tech Tools Desktop Madness Series Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back (HS-8040)

Tech Tools HS-8040 Desktop Madness Series – Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back. Keep your work space free of clutter. Magnet holds paper clips & more. This is the ideal paper weight, weighing in at 2 ½ lbs. The holder is made of durable material: Plastic/Cement mix (ATBC-PVC).

Product Features

  • Keep your workspace free of clutter
  • Magnet holds paper clips & more
  • Ideal paper weight
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Durable material: Plastic/Cement Mix

3 thoughts on “Tech Tools Desktop Madness Series Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back (HS-8040)

  1. kbloch88

    Conversation piece, but much larger, shallower than expected I was somewhat disappointed by this pencil holder. It is much larger than the picture suggests, judging by the pencils and scissors. It’s almost 6 inches long. Additionally, instead of being squared off at the bottom (like a cup), it is rounded (like a bowl) which makes it a little more difficult to put things in. The pencil cup part is also quite shallow. I suspect that the strange pencil cup shape was probably designed to ensure that the walls were a certain thickness. It is made of a plaster/cement compound and seems like it could be prone to breaking if it had thinner walls. I’m not sure if I would buy this pencil holder again, but it makes a great conversation piece with the kids at the school where I work.

  2. SGBear98

    charismatic, but not efficient It is a wonderful addition to my desk in the category of uniqueness. I have received plenty of comments to the effect of “how cool” it is. Image aside though it isn’t efficient in the pen holder, paperclip holder classification.The cup part of the hand is roughly 2 inches deep (considering most pens are 5 1/2 inches high, well over half the pen sticks out). The cup holds approximately 9-10 pens (it may hold a few more if you are using the smaller variety of pens).The back part of the hand has a magnet inside so that you can put paperclips on the back. It is a nice little function, however the magnet is only strong enough to support about 15-18 large paperclips (which again, if you are using the tiny paperclips I am sure you would be able to put several more on).I don’t regret my purchase, in fact despite its short comings as functional I still enjoy it immensely. I wanted something different and unique; considering I work in a medical office it was a perfect match.

  3. Edishop

    Dust Collector for Pens This item is a lot heavier than it looks. The design is a bit simple and not as realistic looking of a hand as I expected. Also it is a bit shallow for the pen holder area. This is a neat item as a figurine but if you are looking for a functional pen cup I would select another item.

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