Energy Saving USB LED Laptop Notebook Light

Energy Saving USB LED Laptop Notebook Light

Tired of typing the wrong keys in the dark? We have a solution for you, try our USB LED Laptop Notebook Light! It’s not only power saving, but it’ll help you see your keypad in the dark.

Product Features

  • 10 Wide Angle LED for maximum lighting area
  • highly energy efficient, using only 1 Watt of power on 0.03 amp (as shown by Kill-A-Watt electricity usage monitor)
  • powered by USB from your computer
  • ***does not include AC USB power adapter in picture***

2 thoughts on “Energy Saving USB LED Laptop Notebook Light

  1. T. Stephen

    Flexible lighting, not just for Notebooks, anymore! This is a handy little device that does have an issue or two. However, those issues are easily remedied with stuff you might already have laying about the house.First of all, it’s bright. Too bright for me, in fact. Secondly, the LED’s are housed in a two piece plastic enclosure. One half is clear, the other transparent blue which still lets a large amount of light through. Lastly, if you use it for it’s intended purpose, for a Notebook, then the flexible cable will hold the light perfectly. If you want to use it with your desktop via the front side ports or with an extension, the light will droop.So out of the box, it performs exactly as described, with the exception of it’s being a bit brighter than stated.The first thing I did was to take a couple of strips of First Aid Waterproof Tape w/Dispenser, 3/4″ x 84″, Flexible (MMM779) and cover the clear part in order to diffuse the light a bit. Just keep adding until you get the light you desire. Next, to block the light from the top, I ran a strip of down the middle, then ran another strip around the sides. You can vary the spread of the light by how far down the side you put the tape. By the time I was done, I had about a 4mm strip open for the light to come through. This cut down on the screen glare tremendously.Lastly, I simply stuck one of those on the side of my tower, which sits on the desk next to my keyboard, and it supports my light quite nicely!All in all, I’m quite happy with it. The only thing that would be neat to have would be an off switch for those of us who want to use it with out desktop systems, but for this price, who can really complain?

  2. Pufferbelly "Clay"
    Pufferbelly "Clay" says:

    great light, great price I am very pleased with this light. I use it on my laptop when my family wants to watch TV with the lights off and I want to be in my recliner using my laptop. I have also used it on my desk with a USB extension. I definitely recommend it.

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