C&E CNE16187 Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter

C&E CNE16187 Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter

Compatible With Amazon: Kindle Fire/Kindle Touch/Samsung Galaxy S2 Hercules T989 (T-Mobile)/Galaxy S2 Attain i777 (AT&T)/Epic 4G touch (Sprint)/Samsung SGH-i927 Captivate Glide; Galaxy S2 i9100/Samsung Galaxy Nexus/Samsung N 7000 Galaxy Note/Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket/Samsung Galaxy Note LTE SGH-I717/Samsung Galaxy S2 CDMA (U.S.Cellular) R760, Google Nexus 7; Samsung Galaxy SIV/S4,HTC One M7.

Product Features

  • Connect your peripheral devices like mice, keyboards and more to your portable electronics such as cell phones, eReaders, tablets, and laptops with this micro USB OTG (on-the-go) to USB 2.0 adapter.
  • Functions depended on the device’s operating system and applications.
  • Operate small USB peripherals by plugging in the adapter cable which transforms your mobile or portable device into a USB capable unit.
  • Adapter allows you to use standard USB devices with micro 5-pin oriented electronics. Connectors: Standard USB 2.0 port; Right angle micro USB OTG connector.
  • Color: Black. Length: 4.5-inches.

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  1. Bob Carroll : Gooplusplus•com "multi-search, ...
    Bob Carroll : Gooplusplus•com "multi-search, ... says:

    BEWARE: some good and some bad versions from different sellers ===========UPDATE #3 – AMAZON is lumping several sellers of this product with this single review thread. THAT IS A REALLY BAD IDEA because some sellers are shipping products that DO match the Amazon product photo and some are shipping inferior bad-fitting versions that DO NOT match the photo and either DO NOT WORK or just fit poorly and barely work. Since product quality varies so much, to be useful, reviewers really should state their seller’s username in reviews.===========UPDATE #4 – Great news – there is now a $2 Android app called Nexus Media Importer that lets you view/listen to your USB media files without “rooting” your Nexus 7 tablet. It works great. I have a short review with images at LasValley702 forums.===========First, the “only” good news – shipment from this seller “Crazy-Stores” from Hong Kong was quick. This one arrived several days ago and an identical one bought from a different Amazon seller “Warm Mart” ordered on the same day still has not arrived. I will note that the shape of and markings on the received micro-USB OTG adapter do NOT match the seller’s Amazon product photo.The micro-USB plug on this adapter will not make electrical contact with the Google Nexus 7 tablet because it will not insert fully into the N7’s USB port (bad fit or poorly made, your choice). If I wedge something between a USB keyboard case I bought for the N7 and N7’s USB port, the keyboard will work BUT constant pressure must be maintained or it will not. BTW, wedging something against the N7’s USB port is just not a good idea and could eventually damage it. So, for me, this micro-USB OTG adapter is worthless.As I said, the 2nd OTG adapter I bought from the other Amazon seller “Warm Mart” still has not arrived from Hong Kong. So, I bought a 3rd adapter from Ebay seller “itrimming”. This one from Ebay fits snug and works perfectly with my Google N7 tablet.If you have a Google N7 tablet, avoid this seller’s adapter. (It “might” work fine on other devices.)BTW, this adapter came in the mail with nothing but the adapter inside. There was no indication which Amazon seller had sent it so I had to email both of them to inquire if “Tom Tang” and the SKU-XXX belonged to them or to someone else. I don’t think it is too much to ask that Amazon sellers at least mark their packages and/or contents with their seller name.UPDATE #1: see my two user images at the top to see the difference between this Amazon purchased adapter (not compatible with the Google N7 tablet) and the one I bought on Ebay.UPDATE #2: I received the 2nd Amazon purchased adapter (seller: Warm Mart) today. I notice that the seller names (1) Crazy-Stores and (2) Warm Mart from my order now seem to point a link to a new one “Digital Center”. Both Amazon purchased adapters look identical (and not the same as the product photo). Both have a plug too long for the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Surprisingly, the 2nd one actually works anyway (at least for the moment) even though it sticks out from the N7 USB port way too far.

  2. S. Dickens

    No need to Root the Nexus 7 This OTG cable works awesome in my Nexus 7. I’ve connected a USB keyboard, USB mouse, a 8gig Flash drive, and my PS2 controller. All worked. (PS2 controller through USB adapter, unfortunately the right joystick is mapped backwards)I also plugged all of these things in via a USB hub, and all the listed items worked at the same time.You DO NOT need to root, just install Nexus Media Importer from the Google Play Store. I payed 2.99 for it with the $25 from Google.I wont root my nexus because it voids the warranty, this method has worked awesome for me.

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