Fascinations Levitron Globe World Stage

Fascinations Levitron Globe World Stage

New and improved! Sleek and slim design with clearer mirrored surface. Led lights illuminate the globe or your favorite items better. Looks really great at night! Comes with detachable platform. Decorate your desk in style with the Levitron® World Stage. Featuring a 3″ globe that levitates and rotates and is awash in the light from 8 LEDs, this handsome desktop decoration will transform your workspace at home or the office. Platform can levitate up to 3 ounces.

Product Features

  • Fascinations designs product to illustrate many magical aspects of our world
  • Witness for the first time stable levitation of an object using only an electromagnetic base located below the object
  • Your object will levitate even if the base is turned on its side or upside down
  • People wont believe that its possible until they see it for themselves
  • Objects continuously revolve in space inspiring wonder and amazement

3 thoughts on “Fascinations Levitron Globe World Stage

  1. S. Omeas

    Fun, when it works I initially purchased two of these as gifts. When you receive it, the first thing you’ll notice is that the cheap plastic mirror base is scratched, making it appear used. This is not the case though – the base is that stick-on mirror that is easily marred. Even when functioning properly, it will take at least several tries to get the globe levitating, and when it hits the base, it leaves marks. So I presume the marks occurred during testing or packing. You may want to consider this if you want to give this as a gift. We chose not to give them away, because it looked like we were giving a used gift.We spent many frustrating hours trying to get the globe and/or magnet to levitate unsuccessfully. So we opened the second one(same marring on the base), and it worked within five minutes. It has now been ten months, and it is behaving as the first one did – will not levitate. You find the balanced spot, let go, and it slams back down to the base. The levitation is caused by several strategically placed electronic magnets in the base. Apparently over time, one or more of the magnets malfunction and this causes the toy to fail.Bottom line, it’s pretty cool when it works. I thought it made a nice night light. If you’re ordering it as a gift, I suggest ordering early and testing it first.

  2. William Hyman "Cartoon Nut"
    William Hyman "Cartoon Nut" says:

    Simple products. It works for me. Based on other reviews, there’s not a whole lot new to say about the particular Levitron I ordered, so I’ll just give highlights that were influencial to my review.Bad news first. As soon as I open up the package, I noticed a couple of small scratches on the mirror surface despite the protective layer that you have to peel off. Not only that, but the globe was magnetically stuck to the stage, which took some moderate force to separate. That’s when I discovered this globe is not nearly as sturdy as it looks. The hemispheres came apart while trying to separate the magnets, and the first thing I notice was that the little plastic hex skeleton is broken off of the middle, and cannot be fixed. I thought to myself “oh crap, I just ruined it.”Now the good news. I’m not sure what purpose that flat hex skeleton serves, but very fortunately, the product seems to work just fine without it. After all, it’s just plastic. On my first attempt, I got the globe working in about a minute. I have taken the platform out and was able to levitate it, and I was also able to levitate it while attached to the globe. All the LED lights work, it levitates, and it rotates. It does what it was designed to do, and I am very pleased with how it looks. It makes for some great decor!I would recommend this product. Please note that you do have to be EXTREMELY careful when handling the globe, especially with the magnet in it. The globe is easily crushed (or otherwise deformed) if you squeeze it just a little too hard, and it also comes apart really easy. I love the product, but it’s not built quite as sturdy as I would have hoped. Enough for me to bring the overall rating down by 1 star. I think it’s fair.Bill

  3. Ken Loewenthal
    Ken Loewenthal says:

    COOL! This is one of the COOLEST executive gadgets I have every owned!!!! And I am over 40 and have had many cool gadgets on my desk. Never have I had something floating on my desk! I have had it for several weeks now and it still elicits a wow feeling from me most mornings when I walk into my office and I see the globe floating and slowly spinning on my desk. Most people that come to my office feel the same way. Plus it is a real conversation starter. I plan to buy more and send them as gifts during Christmas.

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