228 thoughts on “Herbert George Ponting and telephoto apparatus, Antarctica, January 1912

  1. capitan flickr
    capitan flickr says:

    Very creative work. Compliments!

    award code by Adriënne, on Flickr
    Remember: Post 1 and Award 1.

  2. capitan flickr
    capitan flickr says:

    Splendida immagine! Vista su:

    ed io ti dico: GRAZIE !!

  3. Zedexarh

    Wow! What a camera, super old school, fantastic! So historic! Wow!

  4. mgw_wgw

    Now that is a long camera and a long lens!! 🙂

  5. Justin. Z ★
    Justin. Z ★ says:

    It’s like a machine gun.

  6. capitan flickr
    capitan flickr says:

    Italiano in gita

  7. ~ Eric

    i want one…

  8. mn-foto

    Unaware viewers could believe it’s a gun! 😀

  9. Les_Stockton

    Great old camera

  10. Eric Hardy

    what a piece of equipment!

  11. kiwinz

    What an amazing photo!!

  12. yemekliktarifler
    yemekliktarifler says:

    nice 🙂

    Very very beautifull 🙂

    Ağlayan Kek
    yemek tarifleri

  13. Digital-Desertion
    Digital-Desertion says:

    100 years old and still wonderfull to look at.

  14. lpg349

    Why ruin a good, historic picture with all those inane notes!!!!
    P.S. I do know that if I move the cursor away they disappear but…..

  15. JessSaysYarr

    chut chut chut chut

  16. ErdenizS

    *Click-clack!* "Ready for some serious shooting" 🙂

  17. johan de Cocq
    johan de Cocq says:

    I think that no APS-C camera !
    lol 🙂

  18. Nicolas Homal
    Nicolas Homal says:

    Superb photo, well captured. National Library NZ on The Commons.

  19. Rx Eman.

    I think that was a 5 D mark 1

  20. Berggren81

    That is an awesome camera!!!!!

  21. GILVANDRO GURGEL "Vera re te"
    GILVANDRO GURGEL "Vera re te" says:

    GGURGEL – Vera re te.

  22. Winnebagosbaby831
    Winnebagosbaby831 says:

    Wonderful !

  23. Smeldy Ramirez Rufino
    Smeldy Ramirez Rufino says:

    amazing nice picture. Those times were dificult to move from on place to another with that huge body and lens

  24. freund+

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/nickmard] word!

  25. Soulvisioneks
    Soulvisioneks says:

    That’s a camera? WOW! That IS a camera! I mean, It’s THE camera! Holy WMD!

  26. luke1920

    Thats one great camera and the gloves how did he press that shutter.

  27. Jon Ander Rabadan
    Jon Ander Rabadan says:

    y yo pensaba que mi equipo de fotografía de montaña era pesado…

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