6 thoughts on “O’Gorman Brothers Garage

  1. DannyM8

    The registration plates noted are from Tipperary South Riding, does not add much for the purposes of dating the photo. HI 1 to HI 9999 (Dec 1903 – Sep 1954).

  2. Desktop 123

    O’Gorman premises (Head Office, Sales Department & Showrooms) at 36 & 37 Parnell Street, Clonmel, Tipperary.

    I believe the 2 Fords (with starter handles) are the same type?
    The strange, very clean car windscreen.
    The near front side, wonky looking wooden wheel.
    A shop front display, comprising of a radiator, starter handle and lights!
    Car registration ‘HI 424’ on the radiator.
    And a werewolf of place, next door to the premises!

    See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O’Gorman_Coach_Builders
    This showroom is next to Hearns Hotel(which is still there today), where Charles Bianconi established his horse-drawn coach travel empire.

  3. John Spooner

    A Fordson tractor of the sort produced in Cork 1919 – 1922

  4. Foxglove

    are there any car spotters who can ID this type of car ??

    its an old photo from Newry, man by the wheel was a local doctor and his driver standing off side

  5. plaisanter~

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/77528096@N06] Desktop 123 "…werewolf of place next door" hehheh! That’s a perfect description.

  6. Gerry Ward

    Are these premises and Hearns Hotel the same building?

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