Norpro 583 Grip Ez Chopper, Scraper

Norpro 583 Grip Ez Chopper, Scraper

Versatile stainless steel scraper with built in measuring guide. Chop and divide dough of rolls and loaves, measure and cut pasta and pastry dough. Even cut brownies, scrape your counters and more.

Product Features

  • Non-slip handle is easy to grip for extra control
  • Measures 6-inch by 4-inch /15cm by 10cm
  • Dishwasher safe

2 thoughts on “Norpro 583 Grip Ez Chopper, Scraper

  1. L. D. Smith II "deved"
    L. D. Smith II "deved" says:

    Sturdy with an Obvious Flaw This is a high quality scraper that will last for years. However, your cutting board will not: this scraper has sharp corners. It scrapes into the cutting board making long gouges. This one is being returned. My commercial scraper has rounded corners and was $3.

  2. Pipigurl

    Measurements already faded I got this pastry scraper today and was impressed by the thickness of the steel and the product’s overall sturdiness. However, I was a bit disappointed that the measurements were already faded. It makes me wonder if this item had been previously returned. I expected the measurements to be etched onto the steel like the Oxo scraper. The corners are too sharp and nicked my wooden board as I was cutting dough. But other than that, it looks like a product that would last forever.UPDATE: I replaced this item with the and it’s a much better product. It lays flat on the board so it scoops up more stuff. The corners are also rounded so it doesn’t cut into my pastry mat. TIP: It’s much cheaper at Marshall’s.

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