3 thoughts on “Gadget Tool Pick Set – Credit Card Under Name James Bond, Agent 007.

  1. David S

    Great little pick set I’m a beginner with picks as a hobbyist and have used this little set as a starter tool to teach myself this sport, and have managed to open a few varying padlocks I’ve had lying around after a few minutes of fiddling.The set’s a little larger than a credit card, but should still fit in a wallet for ease of use. I keep mine there in case I ever forget my key, since I’m rather forgetful but never leave my wallet behind. The case is a bit difficult to close when you initially try but after a bit of practice it becomes easy to pack the picks back in.Really a neat beginner pick set for a cool hobby.

  2. Raymond Cole

    good enough Durable enough to handle the locks I used it on so far. Small enough that I can hide it from my kids easily.

  3. Steven Williams
    Steven Williams says:

    007 I wanted a cheap lock picking set just to mess around. This was exactly what i wanted. The metal is a little flimsy but not too much. Did have trouble putting the case back together. The case comes with a tension wrench and four picks. I had to take two of the picks out to put it back together.

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