SE MT908 11 Function Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool

SE MT908 11 Function Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool

This credit card-size multi-function survival tool includes a can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap opener, 4-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary wrench, 2-position wrench, and a keychain hole. Comes with a pouch.

Product Features

  • Stainless steel tool
  • Size of a credit card
  • 11 useful functions
  • A must-have for the camper or backpacker

2 thoughts on “SE MT908 11 Function Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool

  1. T. Hassler

    Ok in a pinch, not meant for everyday use. Fair warning: I wrote this review for an out of production item that is essentially this same piece with one more wrench slot and a slightly different Protractor. Either way, my previous review stands for this as well:I hope nobody is considering this tool for anything other than having an emergency backup to what should already be every day carry tools. It’s decent quality, but I certainly wouldn’t put it at “top notch” status. And the functions are mostly hard to pull off with any degree of force. The knife is on a short side which makes it difficult to use. The “screwdriver” which is little more than one corner ground to a flat-head shape is only useful in wide-open areas with larger screws, and with the knife on the same edge, one has to be very careful indeed.The only tools that I found to be decently easy to use are the saw and bottle opener. The saw since it was on the long side and the opposite side (ruler) allows for a decent grip. The Bottle opener is equally easy to operate.The can opener forces you to use the saw as a finger grip and the wrench slots pretty much require that any bolts are not very tight, and that’s if you can get the tool on it in the first place.This really didn’t fit well in my money clip wallet, but it might in a full sized wallet. So, as an emergency backup, it might get you out of a jam and could actually come in handy once in a while. Forget using it as a keychain tool… it’s way too dangerous to leave out in the open (and the plastic cover that came with mine was laughably cheap). It won’t make it through the TSA unless someone’s asleep at the wheel, so traveling with it isn’t really an option either.I’d give it a 2.5 star, but for the money, it’s hard to beat, so I’m rounding up. You could always toss one in the glove compartment, toolbox, bookbag, etc. but I strongly recommend a Small Leatherman Micra or Squirt if compact is what you seek. Those are FAR more functional (AND SAFER!!!) in comparison. Get it if your curiosity or gearlust must be sated.

  2. George Gilman
    George Gilman says:

    Interesting but not overly useful Interesting multi-purpose gadget but it’s not as useful as the “11 functions” would have you believe. First, item #11 is the keychain hole but if you attach the device to your keys and throw them in your pocket, you’re going to cut your leg since the other side is a cutting blade. At the very least, you’re going to have to repair the hole in your pocket. Next, Item #9 is a “Direction Anxillary Wrench”. I’ve googled this and came up empty, with the exception of hits on this device itself. If google doesn’t know how to use it, I certainly can’t be expected to. So, we’re down to 9 useful gadgets from the 11. Next, the “butterfly screw wrench”…. I guess it would work but I personally don’t see butterfly screws all that often and more importantly, aren’t butterfly screws specifically designed to NOT need a tool?Without actually testing on everything, the other tools seem generally more useable. Can and bottle openers seem ok and the knife seems sharp enough to cut something (hence, don’t just attach to your keys and throw in your pocket! OUCH!). Saw seems like it’d cut in a pinch & it’s hard to mess up a ruler even though it is in centimeters, not inches like you might expect. Seems like it’d be a bit akward using the 2 wrenches (the 2 multi-sized wrenches count as 2 of your eleven btw whereas it could be argued to be 1 function) but without actual testing I can’t be certain.Anyway, in summary it’s an interesting gadget made from a single piece of metal. However, the useful functionality isn’t as high as I’d hoped. More impressive in looks than functionality.

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