Men In Black 3 (Kindle Tablet Edition)

Men In Black 3 (Kindle Tablet Edition)

Product Features

  • The official game of 2012’s exciting action blockbuster, Men in Black 3
  • Create and manage your own MIB agency as you train agents and send them on missions.
  • Visit your friends’ agencies and team up to defeat the most powerful aliens.
  • Access a wide range of MIB weapons and gadgets like Deatomizers or the infamous Noisy Cricket.
  • Meet dozens of aliens faithfully recreated from the Men in Black universe.
  • Everything you’d expect from MIB with time traveling, humor and the chance to use the Neuralyzer.

3 thoughts on “Men In Black 3 (Kindle Tablet Edition)

  1. carmen

    Good When first getting this app it is so confusing! I did not know how to fight aliens, how to earn money, or how to do missions. I’m not going to lie, I hated this game at first. I stopped playing it for a couple of days. Then I tried it again and leveled up. I soon figured out when you level up it will give you missions and tasks. You can start recruiting agents, and start getting techier stuff! After that what I wanted to figure out was how to fight people. So one day I was wandering around Brooklyn and there was an alien with a gun over its head. When I clicked it I was able to fight the alien! I must say this app requires the owners patience. So if your not patience don’t blame the app. Its not the apps fault your ADHD. Anyways love the app and totally recommend it!

  2. L.onso

    Naice Pretty neat, but need to wait a bunch. Missions, upgrades, and everything takes quite a bit to get completed. Besides that, very entertaining.

  3. Miss Elaneous
    Miss Elaneous says:

    Hear Me Out I have decided to give MIB3 a single star. Yes, just one.Pros:*It’s pretty much a glorified time management game. Common for apps.*It has missions.*You can build better stuff for your missions.*You can murder aliens with gleeful abandon.*It’s fun (as long as you have energy and RMC (Real Money Currency).Cons:*Docking 2 stars for it deleting 22 energy because I told it to “Never” remind me again to review it.*Docking 1 star for it integrating “social networking” tightly so that without doing it, you are forced to spend money.*A 24 hour wait timer for “help” from other agents. This should be more realistically something around 6 hours. Docking 1/2 star.*No clear way to exit on the Kindle. I have to quickly tab the main button in-game and then the Home icon to get out of it. It then leaves itself running in the background with 3 threads. Docking 1/2 star.*It’s Freemium. Missions that require you to spend RMC infect the beginning levels, even after you’ve ran out of it. One mission REQUIRED I spend 5 whatchamawhoosits to finish even though I could have waited 45 seconds but then I don’t get credit for the mission of course.I’d have rather just paid 4.99 for the app and not be forced to beg facebook or twitter friends to play it so I can get junk.. and not have to buy RMC to get stuff done.Uninstalling this very unfree app.

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