Adam The Doodles Man

Adam The Doodles Man

Handmade of stainless steel wire with aluminum rivets, my ingenious joints enable me to strike almost any pose.

Had a hard day at work? Leave me to finish things up. Worried about the World situation? I will stand guard while you sleep. Looking for a drinking buddy who never gets loud? Want someone to hold the recipes while you cook? How about a friend for watching TV who will hold the remote but never change the channels?

Are you a budding artist? Need to practice your drawing skills? I am the perfect companion to help with all of your figure drawing. With fully adjustable joints and limbs, you can pose me for hours on end.

I never rust, never rest, never eat, never sleep. I will dance, I will climb, I will sit quietly and listen with a sympathetic ear. I will hold work items or reminder notes. I stand on my own two feet or sit comfortably on a shelf, a table edge, a stack of books or papers. I can gesture with my arms. I will be your best pal – always there when you need me.

I’m looking forward to being your friend. See you later!

Product Features

  • Handmade of stainless steel wire with aluminum rivets
  • Bendable into many postitions
  • Heavy gauge wire and metal (but lightweight)
  • Size: 11″ x 11″ (arms extended)

3 thoughts on “Adam The Doodles Man

  1. Thomas W. Seeley "Sweet Orange Nectar"
    Thomas W. Seeley "Sweet Orange Nectar" says:

    Super fun and useful Love Adam the Doodles man! Kids love to create different poses and I often come home to find him in different places. Also great for learning to draw – teaches scale and proportion of different body parts!

  2. vab

    very cool A cool gift for a pre/young-teen that likes to draw. Also works as just a funky room decoration. Adam is Awesome!

  3. Memaloose

    Good company. Adam the Doodles Man is really cool. He does what he is told and no back talk. Good company and I am looking forward to getting him a mate.

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