Usb Desktop Fish Aquarium, Real Fish Tank, Alarm Clock

Usb Desktop Fish Aquarium, Real Fish Tank, Alarm Clock

Adjustable overhead light (LED)~~
~~Under-gravel filtration system~~
~~Low Voltage Pump~~
~~Holds Approximately 1.5 quarts of water~~
~~5 Different Modes of Tranquil Nature Sounds~~
~~Fish not included~~
~~7″ x 9″ x 4″~~

~~3 AA Batteries not included~~

~~Weight: 2 lbs~~

Perfect Size for any desk the USB Desktop Aquarium re-circulates water, providing fresh oxygen for your fish. Color changing LED’s provide a captivating display. This multi-function alarm clock and desk caddy make this unique aquarium practical and fun! The Fascinations USB desktop Aquarium is the ultimate conversation piece and makes a great gift. LCD Alarm clock with time/date/temperature/snooze and countdown timer. Dual compartment desk organizer.

Product Features

  • Mini fish tank with running water (recirculating)
  • USB power connector
  • LCD Alarm clock with time/date/temperature/snooze and countdown timer
  • Dual Compartment Desk Organizer
  • Color changing LED interior lights

2 thoughts on “Usb Desktop Fish Aquarium, Real Fish Tank, Alarm Clock

  1. anora soulshade
    anora soulshade says:

    piece of crap For starters, the thing arrived in pieces. The bottom was rattling loose in the box, along with all the pebbles that had also come loose from the baggie they were in that had a gaping hole in it. The plastic tank had scratches all over it from the loose pebbles as a result. The pump for the water had come unglued from the bottom of the base and due to the small size of the tank compared with the faucet, pump, base, and size of my fist, I was unable to re-seat the pump under the base without gluing it back on. Upon seeking a glue to use, my local fish department store said using glue to hold the pump in place would kill any fish I put in the tank. The display for the clock is so faint I could barely tell it worked, and then, that portion of the device went through batteries so quickly, it wasn’t funny. It ate through 12 (three per sitting, four sittings total) batteries in a week! The only reason this thing even got 2 stars is because the light was nice and bright when plugged in via USB.Don’t waste your money!

  2. Star "Traditional Internally"
    Star "Traditional Internally" says:

    A MUST HAVE FOR ANY OFFICE:-) Such an amazing item….love to sit at my desk and just watch my fishes swimmmm……everyone at work lovessssssss it also….a really sweet gift for an corporate person:-)

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