USB Vacuum Cleaner/hoover for Laptop PC Keyboard- black [Office Product]

USB Vacuum Cleaner/hoover for Laptop PC Keyboard- black [Office Product]

Use the brush & suction tube attachment for general cleaning of air vents (Fan), Moniter and computer areas, or dust on your desktop. Requireds NO external power source, plugs straight into any USB port. Color: Black High power button should NOT be pressed while the U-VAC motor is being switched on to keep voltage jump within USB limits(500 mA) during motor start up. Back to Top Accessories: One USB powered vacuum cleaner; a tube; a brush. Plug and clean, so convenient !

Product Features

  • Simply connect the Vacuum to the USB port of your latop or Computer.
  • Two Vacuum cleaning attachments included-one bristle brush attachment and one flexible rubber, computer keyboard tool attachment.
  • Two switch levels-slides the switch to the first level to turn on the LED light, slide the switch to the second level to turn on the vacuum cleaner
  • Press the “High Power” button to increase suction power, for vacuuming heavier dirt and dust.
  • Use keyboard attachment rubber to vacuum dust and other particles trapped underneath the keyboard keys, by sliding the squeezable tube between keys.

3 thoughts on “USB Vacuum Cleaner/hoover for Laptop PC Keyboard- black [Office Product]

  1. Jass

    zero stars Okay, I know these are cheap, but someone paid to get me one as a stocking stuffer, plus shipping. It’s the most useless gadget I’ve ever seen. No vacuum whatsoever, I mean none, even with the “high power” button pressed. And the attachments fall off if you look at them too hard, let alone try to use them. Bad joke.

  2. Drea "Lynn"

    Useless This is the most useless product ever created. It is a fan, there is no vacuum power whatsoever. The turbo button made the fan spin faster. The air from the van comes out of the vents supposedly designed to keep the gadget from overheating. Absolutely no vacuum, and the air from the fan doesn’t even come out of the attachments so it cannot clean anything. Your laptop will be just as dirty after buying this “vacuum” as it was before you bought it. The light on it does work, but only illuminates the dirt in the laptop that it cannot clean.

  3. kd321

    useless junk bottom line – does not work. you plug it in, it makes a whirring noise. no vacuum!

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