2 thoughts on “Design Go Luggage Z Zone, Grey, One Size

  1. Anonymous

    I would suggest getting this product somewhere else. I noticed that the packaging had no type of seal at all, so I guess I shouldnt have been too surprised when I opened it and found that the plastic carry case had some filth on it. But that is not the worst part! One of the sizes is missing completely! Probably the size I would have used! Why was this item RE-SOLD to another customer????? it was OBVIOUSLY returned by someone else. Unacceptable.

  2. Anonymous

    I bought this to take to work with me (office cubicle). However, I kept it at home and use it if I’m napping while everyone is awake. It blocks out the noise well. It is a little uncomfortable so I have to use the smallest inserts. Otherwise the product arrived fast and the case it great. It prevents me from loosing them.

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