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  1. Quentin Moore "The Tech Ranker"
    Quentin Moore "The Tech Ranker" says:

    Best… Phone… Ever…….. I owned the original Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2. I skipped the Note 3 mostly because I didn’t have any available upgrades on my family plan ;-). Plus I figured I’d skip a generation and get a much better Note.I purchased the Note 4, thought it was great, and then promptly returned it. “Why”, do you ask? The answer is simple…=================================================THE DROID TURBO IS THE BEST PHONE KNOWN TO MAN!=================================================Before you kill me for saying this, hear me out. I’m not a fan boy. I don’t work for Motorola. I’ve tried a number of the current flagship phones before deciding on the Turbo. Here are some of my thoughts on the other phones:- I tried the Note 4, thought it was great, and returned it.- I have the iPhone 6 Plus, loved it, planned to keep it, tried the Turbo, and now I’m looking to sell the 6 Plus.- I also owned the HTC ONE M8 for Windows, thought it was cool, was pleasantly surprised when it started reading text messages to me automatically while I was driving, but I returned it as I was worried about the ecosystem.- I briefly got my hands on the Nexus 6. Thought it was great. Was happy to see that it was made by Motorola, and was then quickly disappointed that it was missing the Motorola Apps and features found on the Moto X and Droid Turbo.In my opinion, the combination of great specs, a great screen, blistering performance, slap your momma long battery life, and most importantly, the unique suite of Moto Apps firmly places the Droid Turbo ahead of all other smartphones.✔ PROS:- Very nice screen- Fast Performance- Good (not great) camera- Double twist your wrist to launch the camera- The mother of all batteries (MOAB)- Trusted Devices: Keep your phone unlocked when it’s near a trusted device (headset, fitness band, etc.)- Moto Voice: The Turbo is always listening for your commands, allowing you to use your phone without touching it- Moto Assist: The Turbo knows when you are home and allows you to accept/reject phone calls via verbal commands. When you are home or when you are driving, the Turbo allows you to hear and respond to text messages via verbal commands. The Turbo will also silence your phone during meetings- Moto Actions: Sensors detect hand gestures to let you activate your phone’s screen without touching it. You can use this to see the current time, preview notifications, or wave off incoming calls- Moto Display: See notifications on your phone without touching the phone. You can preview and act on notification from the lock screen- Customizable “Hello Google”, hands free voice command phrase.- Accurate voice recognition courtesy of an included secondary chip dedicated to natural language processing- Qi wireless charging support. Just buy a $20 wireless charger and you’re set.- Turbo Charger support (get 8 hours of charge in only 15 minutes)- Very close to stock Android 4.4. In the past, Motorola has provided quick Android OS updates to its phones.- Cheaper than a Note 4 or iPhone 6 Plus (sans incentives, trade-in offers, etc.)- Solid, sturdy build. There won’t be an iPhone 6 Plus type “Bend-Gate” for the Turbo.✔ CONS:- You won’t get the advertised 48 hours of battery life- Camera has slow autofocus (after you use the iPhone 6 Plus, you notice slow autofocus much more)- Camera doesn’t have optical image stabilization (WHY???!?!?!?!?1?ONE!?)- There’s a slight delay between when the Turbo hears your hands-free voice command and when it performas the action- Volumes button are a tad flush to the body and takes a wee bit more effort to local them- Only one speaker- Phone can get warm to the touch- No available option for a larger screen that includes Moto Apps and the dedicated natural language chip- No SD Card slot- No fitness tracking related sensors- Mobile hotspot didn’t work for a couple days after launch but it works now.- Simultaneous voice and data doesn’t work at the time of this writing but should be added in a month or so.✔ OTHER- The Turbo was incorrectly reporting my location initially. It was saying I was in Washington, DC when I was actually in Virginia. I changed a setting (I don’t remember which) and now it’s fixed.- I like the nylon cover, although I suspect some people might not- It has dedicated capacitive buttons, not on screen buttons. I prefer dedicated buttons, but I wish the home button was a physical button, like on the Note 4.- The phone is water resistant, (NOT WATERPROOF!).- It’s only available on Verizon (for now). We’ll have to see if the rumored Droid Maxx and Moto X Play have the same specs and…

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