Inspector Gadget Advance 27X40 Matthew Boderick Poster

Inspector Gadget Advance 27X40 Matthew Boderick Poster

This poster is a genuine collector’s item, an ORIGINAL movie poster.

Movie posters are produced by the studios to publicize their movies at the theaters. This is a brand new poster in perfect mint condition. It has not been used. It was produced during the original year that the movie layed in the theaters.

American one-sheet movie posters measure approximately 27×40 inches (69x104cms). Most posters are Double Sided which means that the poster is printed all the way through on both sides so that when placed in a light display box (like in movie theaters) it displays better. Single Sided means that the reverse of the poster is white or blank. Movie posters generally come in two styles – Advance which means it comes out ahead of the movie for publicity awareness or Regular which means the final version of the movie poster with credits.

Movie posters are original pieces of cinema art and at Silver Screen we ship our posters in special heavy duty mailing tubes to ensure perfect delivery.

Product Features

  • Rare and unique collectors item
  • Piece of movie art history
  • Advance Original Poster

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