Bacchus Wine Aerator with Variable Speed Dial for Decanting the perfect glass of Red Wine.

Bacchus Wine Aerator with Variable Speed Dial for Decanting the perfect glass of Red Wine.

The Bacchus Wine Aerator derives its name from Bacchus, the Greek God of Wine. We all know that red wine needs to breathe to allow it to open up and to release its fantastic aromas to please the palate.

The Greek gods had time on there side and could decant their wine for the required 2 to 6 hours. But today we don’t have that luxury.

But now you to can have that perfect glass of wine within seconds of choosing a bottle to open.

Why is it so brilliant?

Its all due to the patented 3 stage aeration process and the variable speed dial selector. All the other wine aerators are either single stage aeration which is a rapid harsh aeration of the wine, or they are multi staged but you have no control over the amount of Aeration. You need, and your wine deserves much better treatment than that.

So How Does it Work?

It is all done in three stages. Stage 1 an umbrella shaped wine sprayer creates air exposure. Then Stage 2 a drizzle plate agitates the wine into micro droplets. Then in Stage 3 a forced air vortex percolates air down through the wine spheres as they again rejoin the aerated wine before being dispensed into the glass. Lastly the part you do, setting the variable selector to control how much of this process is allowed to occur thus controlling the level to which your wine is aerated.

A perfect glass of wine every time, just as the wine maker wanted you to enjoy but without waiting 6 hours.

Comes in an Elegant gift box, with a travel pouch and presentation stand.

So don’t hesitate, Order yours now and consider one for your best friend who has also been struggling to find the Perfect glass of wine

HOT TIP. Makes a Great Present.

BUY TWO, One for you and One for a friend or Boss or client that you want to impress!

Product Features

  • VERY SPECIAL OFFER NORMALLY $36. Imagine being able to decant your Red Wine to perfection in a matter of seconds via a newly patented 3 Stage aeration process and controlled by a 6 stage variable Selector. No other aerator comes even close to this outstanding Wine Aerator.
  • SATISFACTION and SPEED. Enjoy your wine the way the wine maker wants you to without having to decant the wine and wait 6 hours! Or run your favourite whiskey through the Bacchus Aerator and be amazed at the increase in aroma and flavor.
  • QUALITY and CONTROL. Firstly the wine cascades over the umbrella aerator, then passes through the 32 hole drizzle plate before passing down the Forced Air Vortex. All controlled by the variable speed Selector so you can set the exact aeration for the perfect decant.
  • STYLE and PRECISION. Beautifully crafted from FDA approved BPA free ABS Acrylic and Stainless steel. Packaged in a presentation quality box that makes a perfect present. The strongly built aerator also has its own soft carry pouch and a drip free presentation stand. Impress your friends with your wine Knowledge, Sophistication and Style.
  • TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PROMISE. We are so sure you will absolutely love this Wine Aerator that we offer it NO RISK. If you are not 100% satisfied then return it for a full refund.

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