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  1. rtizzer

    If you’re contemplating it, read this! *EDIT* All of those bad reviews, the ones on ALL the cyberpower pc’s on amazon, I know what those all are. There is literally only ONE thing very bad about this computer, the power supply. It’s a crappy power supply and fails very often, people should be partly blaming cyberpower for this, but not completely. Yes, cyberpower should have made a better choice in the power supply for this build, but it’s also the fault of the people who made those reviews, they didn’t do enough research, didn’t check what kind of power supply and look up reviews on it. Which are all horrible. I had one of the same problems, random shutting down. But unlike them, I didn’t give up and return the computer only to get another one with another fualty power supply. I looked into the problem, replaced the power supply with a 40 dollar 500w one by cooler master. This solved all my problems and I’ve been happily gaming and video editing for the past 6 months now. So no, cyberpower is not a bad company, they have GREAT customer service (I had to get a new hard drive and I had them send it to me because my faulty psu fried it, no big deal though, it was here in less than 2 days) they have great computers, and most importantly great prices, I would recommend them to anybody who knows what they’re doing with computers. And if you don’t, maybe you shouldn’t be buying one just yet.Here’s my full review: (to see a video review, search “s0steezy cyberpower gua880 review” on youtube, it will be the first one and the thumbnail is the rear exhaust fan. Right under it will be my unboxing, and feel free to view my channel for more videos about this computer, mostly how it games but I also did upgrades and such on it, so go check that out and subscribe 🙂 Anyway here’s the full review:Okay, I’m gonna start with saying I’m VERY happy with this desktop. The ONE AND ONLY flaw (besides the power supply), is that there is no built in wifi 🙁 so order a pci wi-fi card (not pci-e unless you plan to keep the gt610, because any card that takes up 2 slots will cover the pci-e slot)or do what I did and get a usb wifi adapter.So that’s the only flaw, now I’ll go through all the important things as best as I can.SHIPPING: This took like 5 days to process for shipping, (3 business days) that is my only complaint but after it left the factory it traveled across the U.S from Tennessee to Wisconsin in 2 days and delivered. So I am very satisfied with who ever ships this. Also it said “Amazon.com LLC” was the seller and I didn’t know what that meant so I was worried, but it’s fine. It’s just regular amazon.com. Keep in mind this is ONLY with free super saver shipping, if you order regular shipping it will come in the usual 3-5 days but with free super saver it could take up to 3-5 months, at the longest. Didn’t happen to me thankfully but I’ve heard of it happening to many people, so just keep that in mind and PLEASE don’t complain about that when you make your own review, that’s not the fault of the product or of cyberpower that’s the fault of the buyer.PACKAGING: Very nice packaging nothing got damaged and there were no loose components in the computer what so ever, the mail man could have thrown the package to my door and it would have been perfect. Also when I opened it all the cables were tied with cable ties and tucked back or hidden, cable management looked very professional and I can tell the computer will pretty much never overheat.OUT OF THE BOX: It worked PERFECT out of the box, the windows product key for activation and registration is on the top left of the right faceplate, very easy to find and type in to activate your copy of windows. Also when you’re all setup on the desktop and everything, like before you activate windows, or after, it doesn’t really matter, but you should be sure to install the drivers it comes with, there are many free applications on one of the discs along with important drivers and there are other important drivers on the other disc. And the third disc is your copy of windows. Which you can obviously re-use if you get viruses or something on yours you can put in the cd and run windows off of that and then reset everything to factory settings with no viruses.UPGRADES: there are only 2 ram slots, and it the motherboard it comes with can only hold 8gb ram so that is kind of disappointing, but honestly 8 is enough. There is one extra pci slot for a wifi card or something, and then a pci-e slot for whatever you would like to use it for. (extra usb 3.0 ports for example) The power supply DOES come with extra cords for plugging into like the hard drive or whatever so you’re good there if you get a graphics card with an external power supply all you need to do is get a molex to 6 pin adapter, but I do highly recommend switching out the power supply which you will here about multiple times in this review because I can’t stress enough how awful the power supply is…

  2. Lynwood

    Great bang for the bucks! 0

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