G-JMD Ti Titanium EDC Keychain Beer Opener hand made EDC Multi-functional Pocket Survival Tool

This is a high quality,custom made Titanium multifunctional kit.It is a very practical everyday carry tool and it fits perfectly

on your keychain split ring or in your pocket

Overall Size: 75mm × 20mm ,Thickness: 4mm

Made from 6AL-4V Titanium

It features as pry bar, nail puller, screwdriver, package opener, bottle opener and closed metric wrench

Identification Of Titanium Material

1. Weight:

From the feel is relatively easy to identify. Titanium material lighter specific gravity of about 4.51 , is usually about 57% of

Stainless steel , which is lighter than twice as stainless steel , titanium being socalled ” light metal .”

2. color :

Gray titanium is its unique gray or dark gray , color texture unlike stainless steel, aluminum . Because titanium is more di-

ficult to polishing , coloring , it is usually the surface of titanium alloy products are mechanical polishing or grinding, only a

handful of high-grade titanium alloy products are local polishing mirror light . No matter how polished law , are not as bri-

ht as steel products .

3. Magnetic :

Titanium non magnetic response . In the magnet test , if the magnetic reaction is definitely not made of titanium. Our side

of the magnet can testify

4. Temperature:

100 ° C or more different temperatures , the surface of titanium will appear a different color. ( So many titanium control t-

heir own DIY into flame pattern )

5. Experiment:

Ceramics is a good way to test the purity of titanium . The titanium products in our ceramic cup with carved inside,leaving

an imprint, prints darker , more pure purity titanium behalf . But do not take their very precious cup to experiment Oh, b-

cause the piece is not out of the black imprint

Product Features

  • Ti Titanium Keychain Beer Opener EDC Multi-functional Pocket Survival Tool
  • Overall Size: 75mm × 20mm , Thickness 4mm
  • It is made from 6AL-4V Titanium
  • Package: 1 pcs

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