HP Stream 7 Microsoft Signature Edition 32GB Windows 8.1 Tablet (Includes Office 365 Personal for One Year)

HP Stream 7 Microsoft Signature Edition 32GB Windows 8.1 Tablet (Includes Office 365 Personal for One Year)

HP Stream 7 5709 Tablet Stay on top of your work from wherever you love to be with the cloud-connected, Intel-powered HP Stream 7 Tablet with Office 365 Personal and Windows 8.1. Lightning fast performance: Get the speed and responsiveness of the powerful Intel Quad core processor. Cloud storage included: Get 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive so you can store all you want for a year. Office 365 Personal included: Keep up with business anywhere with a one-year subscription included. Share all your moments: Stay in touch with friends and family with 60 minutes of Skype each month. Love what you see: Captivate your senses with razor sharp resolution from a breathtakingly brilliant HD display. Internal storage for you: 32GB storage space for your digital library. WI Boot: Save storage space and launch apps faster with less memory. HP Total Care provides award-winning 24×7 service and support in the U.S.

Product Features

  • 7-inch Display (1280×800)
  • Intel Atom Z3735G Processor
  • 32 GB Flash Memory, 1 GB RAM Memory
  • Includes Office 365 Personal for 1-year ($69.95 value)

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  1. M. Y. "Photographer | Outdoor Enthusiast ...
    M. Y. "Photographer | Outdoor Enthusiast ... says:

    [UPDATED w/ Stream 8] Great Windows tablet on a budget. Does nearly everything a full laptop can do I am an IT professional who deals with technology every day, and is very much into gadgets. Over the years, I have played with the HP TouchPad, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer, iPad, Surface, and Surface 2. I now own the Surface Pro 3. Yes, I have used a lot of tablets — Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows 8. I’d like to preface that among all products, the Surface Pro 3 is my favorite for its versatility: tablet for play and consumption, laptop-like for work. Most importantly: it just plain works with the Windows ecosystem (hardware and software).HP Stream 7 is a surprisingly fluid Windows 8.1-based tablet that comes with a 1 year subscription to Office 365 Personal, a $69 value. More on that later. What makes it surprising is its performance for its price. (Note: I purchased this tablet from the Microsoft Store.)PROS- Holds easily in the palm of my hand and in the back of my jeans pocket- A quite powerful Windows PC in the pocket of your pants!- Fluid performance of the Windows Store apps, helped by the Quad core processor- Traditional Windows app performance acceptable- Very inexpensive- Includes Office 365 Personal for a year ($70 value). Effectively making the tablet cost just $30!- Runs the full Windows 8 OS (not the crippled “RT” version). This lets you install traditional programs like on a regular laptop- Can access every file share that a Windows tablet/PC can connect to- Beautiful, bright screen (1280×800 resolution)- Screen can be seen from any angle!- Has 32 GB storage, expandable by a microSD card (tested with 64GB card)- Throw standard movies/videos onto the storage or microSD card, and watch them on this tablet without any conversion necessary- Bluetooth and Wifi- Battery lasts as much as 8 hours- Front and back cameras make video conferencing via Skype a possibility- Charges via standard microUSB port- microUSB port supports USB On-The-Go (OTG) cables. Allows you to connect hard drives, flash drives, memory card readers (for backing up your camera pictures). Can attach a USB hub to connect even more devices- Can run 2 Windows Store apps side-by-side- Plays videos (including Plex/Netflix) perfectly, including AVI, MKV, MP4, etc.- Despite having just 1GB RAM, I was pleased to be able to launch 8 Windows Store apps and easily switch between them- Supports Miracast wireless display casting (like Apple’s “AirPlay”, Samsung’s “AllCast”, Roku, etc). Allows you to project your tablet to a TV/projector — even use it as a second monitor. This was tested with the MS Wireless Display Adapter. This did not work with Fire TV mirroring- “Signature Edition” is available through the Microsoft Store. That version gives you the Stream 7 without any additional software added by HP- Supports Bluetooth keyboards and miceCONS- At 0.8 lb, it feels heavy. Perhaps I got spoiled by the iPad Mini/Nexus 7/Surface 2, but its heft is noticeable- Speakers are loud enough in a room, but does not produce the best sound quality. What do you expect for a tablet at this price?- Only has 1GB of RAM although it has been able to perform acceptably- Although Miracast display mirroring works, it’s not as fluid as the $1500 Surface Pro 3- microSD card slot is accessible after opening the back cover- Spoiled by the Surface Pro 3, the tablet appears thick- There is no Charge indicator light. So, you have to turn on the tablet and look at the battery icon to see whether it is charging or full. Worse, connect a generic charger that may not provide enough power, and the icon shows that it’s charging, but… mouse over the system tray’s battery icon, and it shows “Connected, but not charging”. In other words, check that your non-HP charger works before you walk away- Only has 5-point multi-touch (Surface Pro 3/iPad do 10-point). With a tablet this size, 5-point works well enough- Typing on the on-screen keyboard was sometimes (not very often) laggy. Maybe I typed too fast.- “Signature Edition” is only available through the Microsoft Store- No GPSOFFICE 365 PERSONAL subscription (included for 1 year)- 1TB of OneDrive storage (Microsoft is upgrading this to UNLIMITED at no extra charge soon!)- Full copy of Office for 1 PC or Mac- Full copy of Office for tablets/phones (iPad, Android, Windows Phone)- 60 minutes of international Skype-to-phone calling- Worth $70/year- After the 1st year, you’ll have to renew the subscription, but with all the benefits listed above (especially the UNLIMITED cloud storage), I find this a steal- Can upgrade to Office 365 Home after the 1st year, which comes with 5 accounts that you can share with friends/family, each getting the above benefits for their own account[EDIT…

  2. Lon J. Seidman "lon@ lon.tv"
    Lon J. Seidman "lon@ lon.tv" says:

    Surprisingly capable for only $99 – Runs the full version of Windows 0

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