Gadget Guard Screen Protector for iPad 2/3 (COAPAP000024)

Gadget Guard Screen Protector for iPad 2/3 (COAPAP000024)

Invisible Gadget Guards are thin, clear covers specially designed to protect your devices from scratches and unwanted scuff marks. Each guard is painstakingly designed to fit the contours of your gadget not to be noticed again. Gadget Guards were originally designed to protect military equipment being used in some of the harshest conditions in the world. The Apple iPad screen protector is guaranteed for the life of your device. If it ever scratches, or becomes faulty, we will replace it at no cost.

Product Features

  • Military Grade protection designed to protect your iPad screen to the fullest degree
  • Our guard offers premium “HD” clarity without having to pay extra
  • Be smart, Be safe, and above all, Gadget Guard your iPad
  • Our unique urethane film provides additional grip for safer maneuverability

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