Tiki Toss Paddle Edition Game

Tiki Toss Paddle Edition Game

New Tiki Toss PADDLE Edition! Manufactured per the requests of our kayak, canoe and SUP enthusiasts! Tiki Toss is being called the new dart board. A perfect addition to any patio, game room, workshop or office – this Classic hook & ring game provides non-stop addictive fun for all ages. All components are included for a simple 5 minute setup. Crafted from solid bamboo, the sleek paddle design is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any wall, inside or out. Tiki Toss is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Extremely meditative but highly addictive, you’ll find yourself playing alone as well as enjoying competition with friends of all ages. Bring the Island feel to any location with Tiki Toss, the Classic Hook and Ring Game.

Product Features

  • Great indoor or outdoor fun for the whole family; Fun for all ages
  • Quality crafted from 100% bamboo; Highly addictive and meditative
  • Tiki Toss is being called new dart board
  • Everything included; Simple 5 minute setup
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master

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  1. Louise May Botham
    Louise May Botham says:

    This is a great game of skill 0

  2. Ryan911

    Great bar game 0

  3. John Voss

    We Bought Three! 0

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