Posh Mobile Android Smartphone – Retail Packaging – Blue

Posh Mobile Android Smartphone – Retail Packaging – Blue

Posh Mobile Orion Mini S350a – 3.5″ Display, 4G H+ GSM Unlocked Smartphone, Android 4.4 Kit Kat, 1.2GHz Dual-Core, 5MP Camera – 1 Year USA Warranty- Blue

Product Features

  • 3.5″ LCD Capacitive Touch-panel, Compact Display, 2MP Primary Camera with LED Flash, VGA Front Camera
  • Powerful Dual Core 1.2 GHz Mediatek MT 6572 Processor, 256MB RAM, 512MB Internal Memory with Micro SD Support
  • Enhanced 4G HSDPA+ Network Support – GSM/Edge/4G HSDPA+ 850/1900 – Dual Sim
  • 1200mAh Battery, Micro USB Charger, Micro SIM, 1 Year USA Warranty
  • Package Includes: Phone, Wall Adapter, Charging Cable, Headphones, Manual, Battery, Screen Protector

3 thoughts on “Posh Mobile Android Smartphone – Retail Packaging – Blue

  1. Eli

    Screen is pretty nice. Installed basic apps like Facebook 0

  2. NRH

    Might be ok depending on your needs… (LONG review) UPDATE 11/09:I really wanted to keep this phone. I like several things about it. But after trying 2 of these Orion Minis, I can only recommend it for basic use. If you understand it’s limitations, it may work for you.In short:For calling and texting, checking/syncing your Google calendar, and occasionally using the browser – it works well and the price is great. (You’ll need to keep clearing data if you browse the web.)I can’t speak to gaming or music. I didn’t test these.If this phone was upgraded to even just 500 mb to 1 GB user-available memory (their similarly priced Posh Pegasus 3G has 1.2 GB available), it would suit my needs. A step up on the screen quality would be nice, too. (Posh Pegasus 3G has an IPS screen.)–Regarding product description:”True compact design adding power, beauty and color.”–Yes, I agree it has a nice small size and comfortable feel. Smooth plastic isn’t too slippery. I think it feels solid.”for the user seeking the full functionality of a Dual Core 1.2ghz smartphone resized into a miniature format.”–It’s quick and smooth enough for daily casual use though only 256 mb RAM. Functionality limited by minimal internal memory.”The Orion Mini S350 runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2″ –It runs Android 4.4.2.”and offers 4GB of internal storage for this highly and upwardly mobile consumer segment. Pictures, movies and video conferencing are all possible”–Only 512 mb storage with 40-45 mb available to user. Watching just a minute of video used up almost 20 mb of internal storage. I don’t know how well video conferencing works since I couldn’t install Hangouts.I am leaving my original review below, as it contains details that may help you decide if this phone will work for you. See my comment as well.—————– Previous review ————-I have not decided if I’m keeping this phone. It’s a sweet deal at $50 for a 4G smartphone! (MSRP $80) But it has a couple of big drawbacks that have me on the fence. 3 1/2 stars.(For background: My daily use phone is a Galaxy S4 Mini and previously the S3. Looking for a dual SIM 3G secondary phone.)This phone is not designed for the power user. If you just need a small smartphone for casual use or travel, and camera and apps are not crucial, it may suit you just fine. Decent for texts, calls, & limited web browsing. And I do like the mini size!LIKES:+Nice mini size. Good heft and feel.(Listed dimensions are accurate. It’s shorter than an S4 mini, with similar width and thickness.)+Kit Kat 4.4.2 (not 4.2 as listed)+Connects to WiFi and data easily+Has proximity sensor+SD card slot (a must!)+Dual SIM+Keyboard is easy to use+Responsive touchscreen (don’t know what type of glass)Limited use so far, but battery life seems pretty good. If I keep it, I will report back.Able to view videos dance videos on YouTube with no problems. No lag noticed.Plastic back casing feels solid when snapped on, but I wouldn’t remove it frequently(A note about color: In the picture, the blue looks metallic to me, but the phone is a matte, medium sky blue.)COULD BE BETTER:HVGA screen is ok for texting and limited/casual web browsing. Washes out vertically.I think your eyes will get tired if you try to read for a long time. (text not crisp)(I know this phone doesn’t cost much, but for comparison Posh Mobile managed a better screen on the similarly priced Pegasus 3G.)Speakerphone is just ok: A little tinny, low on volume(added) Removal of back is a bit tricky.(added) Menu/Home/Back keys are not backlit. Can’t see them in the dark.(added) Currently, no way to purchase extra battery for Posh phones.(added) VGA screen – Need bright lighting for video calls. (I don’t do video calls, so this is not a big deal.)So I think this is actually a nice compact phone for the price! with a glaring problem….LOW MEMORY–Almost no internal memory available!! (40-45 mb w/limited app installation)Let me clarify that this phone does not have “4 GB of internal storage” as stated in the paragraph description. It has 512 mb with around 40 mb available to the user.Phone says 40 mb available in Internal Storage, 16.2 mb in Phone Storage. See further limitation below.Since previous reviewer was able to download a few 14-30 mb apps (70 mb total?), I thought I must have a dud….but seller says no, KitKat takes up most of the 512 mb memory. I was able to install a different calendar (3.5 mb) and swype app (12 mb). Could not install the larger Swype Free.But now with 24 mb available space showing, I cannot install any single app bigger…

  3. Sade


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