eForWorld Breathalyzer KeyChain Car Gadget With FlashLight and Stopwatch

eForWorld Breathalyzer KeyChain Car Gadget With FlashLight and Stopwatch

Breathalyzer – Blood Alcohol Content Tester
DUI laws are getting tougher all the time. Even a little sip can technically qualify as being “Under the Influence”. The bottom line is we want to keep drunk drivers off the road because the life we save might be our own or someone we love. Often people too loaded to drive think they are just fine. When in doubt about someone’s sobriety ask them to use this tester before taking that ride home with them. When they see the numbers they should be convinced to “give up the keys”. Make sure you have one for yourself and that your daughter has one to take on dates. Make the decision to test yourself before you drink and drive no matter how little you think you have consumed.

This tester is portable and convenient. Attach it to your keychain. It is easy to use and offers a quick response and short resume time. Press and hold the power button, the green LED will light to indicate ready in about 10 seconds. Continue to hold the power button. Simply exhale into the vent to get your BAC (blood alcohol content) immediately. No need to touch it to your lips or the lips of others when testing your friends. The yellow and red LEDs indicate an elevated BAC and the level of potential risk. In about 20 seconds the green LED will light to indicate “READY” showing that the unit has returned to the testing status. Colored lights indicate the user’s blood alcohol level as follows: Green: Safe – under 0.02% BAC, Yellow: Caution – over 0.02% BAC, Red: Danger – over 0.05% BAC. Countdown & count-up timer keeps track of time like the expiration time for parking or for tracking the wait time required for the BAC return to a safe level.

(Typically one hour for each ounce of alcohol.

Product Features

  • Timer
  • Breathalyzer
  • Fast reset
  • Flashlight
  • key chain

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