Ozobot World’s Smallest SMART Robot – Single Pack, Crystal White

Ozobot World’s Smallest SMART Robot – Single Pack, Crystal White

As seen on Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNET and more, multi-award winning Ozobot makes learning fun by teaching robotics and coding through social and competitive games. You are in control as you program Ozobot to move, play and dance on any surface. Racetracks, mazes, mind teasers, and dance routines are just a part of Ozobot’s world of smart entertainment. Draw lines, paths and tracks for Ozobot to explore or download free Ozobot Apps for some one-of-a-kind social, strategic and competitive games. Ozobot works seamlessly on iOS and Android and makes learning life skills fun, affordable and accessible to all. Box set includes 1 Ozobot, 1 standard cover skin, game & instruction cards, 1 protective carrying case, 1 custom micro-usb cable. 1″ H X 1″ D (.5 OZ)

Product Features

  • World’s smallest smart robot kids can easily program to move & groove on paper & digital screens
  • Free iOS & Android Apps featuring custom soundtracks and über cool 1-of-a-kind hybrid gaming
  • Learn simple to advanced coding and programming with fun, social and creative games
  • Multi-award winning Ozobot follows 1000s of commands and memorizes & plays back up to 500 of your choice moves
  • Clever and witty Ozobot entertains in the family room and educates in the classroom

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  1. S. Pittman

    Bought 2 of these for my two kids 0

  2. FranchMommy

    innovative, smart and creative, great for kids 0

  3. anne k

    Incredibly cool and powerful robot 0

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