Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-Inch Tablet (16 GB, Titanium Bronze)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-Inch Tablet (16 GB, Titanium Bronze)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
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At a Glance:
  • Super AMOLED 10.5-inch display for bright and vivid graphics
  • Use two apps at the same time with Multi Window
  • Rear and front cameras for photos and video chat
  • Lightweight, ultra-thin design for portability
  • Add up to 128 GB memory with microSD slot
  • Fingerprint scanner for security
  • Share tablet with Multi-User and Kids Modes
  • Up to nine hours of battery life, and even more with Ultra Power Saving mode

Experience Immersive Entertainment with Super AMOLED Display

Super AMOLED Display Delivers Vivid Graphics

Enjoy rich graphics and clear text while you watch movies, play games, or read books on the large 10.5-inch screen. With twice the resolution of an HDTV, the Super AMOLED display provides vivid images and extra-crisp contrast.

Use Two Apps Side by Side with Multi Window Feature

Do more on your tablet with the Multi Window feature. It conveniently allows you to use two apps, side-by-side, and drag content from one window to the other. Listen to music and browse for lyrics, type emails while referencing other documents, or compare content on two websites at the same time.

Built-in Cameras for Photos and Video Chat

Equipped with an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 2.1-megapixel front camera, the Galaxy Tab S lets you take high-quality photos and video chat with friends and family members.

Thin, Lightweight Design and Expandable Memory

Lightweight Tablet is Easy to Carry

The Galaxy Tab S is Samsung’s thinnest and lightest tablet yet. Measuring just 0.26 inches thin and weighing only 1 pound, the Galaxy Tab S is easy to carry and hold as you watch movies and play games.

Sleek, Stylish Design

Proudly show off the sleek, polished design of the Galaxy Tab S. Choose between dazzling white or titanium bronze for entertainment with a stylish look.

Expandable Memory to Store Photos, Music, and Videos

The tablet offers 16 GB of onboard memory and includes a microSD card slot that allows you to add up to 128 GB of memory, making it easy to store more songs, videos, photos, and games.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Enjoy movies and games on the brilliant 4-million pixel display. View Larger.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Use two apps side by side. View Larger.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Multi-User Mode allows up to eight total profiles. View Larger.

Innovations for Everyday Convenience

Fingerprint Scanner for Security

Keep your tablet and your content secure with the swipe of a finger. The fingerprint scanner captures and stores your fingerprints, so you can easily unlock your tablet and prevent unwanted access. If more than one person uses the tablet, the fingerprint scanner will automatically unlock the specific multi-user profile.

Share Your Tablet with Multi-User and Kids Modes

Great for sharing your tablet with family members, Multi-User Mode lets you add up to eight profiles including your own. This allows up to eight different users to log in separately, so you each see only your own apps, backgrounds, and email. Children can use Kids Mode, a colorful and fun interface that parents can customize with kids’ apps and time limits.

Ultra Power Saving Mode Maximizes Battery Life

Avoid draining your battery with the Ultra Power Saving Mode. It turns your screen to black and white and shuts off nonessential apps to prolong battery life when you need it most.

Extra Features for a Seamless Samsung Galaxy Experience

Share, Sync, and Edit with Ease

Make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and view and control your Samsung Galaxy S 5 directly from your Galaxy Tab S with SideSync. If you’re away from the office and need to get work done, you can access, edit, and save documents using Hancom Office. Smart Switch makes it easy to upgrade to a new device by effortlessly moving your contacts, photos, and media.

Listen to Ad-Free Radio with MilkMusic

Choose from over 200 radio stations to hear music you love with MilkMusic, an ad-free radio service exclusive to Galaxy owners and powered by Slacker. Use the interactive dial to surf stations and select genres to play through the tablet’s built-in stereo speakers. Adjust preferences and create your own stations for a personalized listening experience, with no lag time between songs.

Magazines Come to Life

Flip through your favorite sports, fashion, and news magazines in Papergarden. You’ll easily navigate through your favorite reads and see everything at a resolution that’s optimized for your Galaxy Tab S screen, so photography looks stunning and text is easy to read.

Receive Personalized Recommendations with WatchON and Use Your Tablet as a Remote Control

The WatchON feature lets you type in your zip code and cable provider to browse and search current TV listings and get personalized recommendations based on your viewing history. The built in IR blaster allows you to use your tablet as a universal remote control.

Galaxy Gifts

The Galaxy Tab S also comes with Galaxy Gifts that enable you to get the most out of your tablet with premium content and service offerings. To get all the available offers, go to the Galaxy Gifts widget on your Tab S.

What’s in the Box

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, USB charging cable, wall adapter, and quick start guide.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Fingerprint scanner unlocks your specific multi-user profile. View Larger.

Product Features

  • Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS, 1.9 GHz Exynos 5 Octa 5420 Processor (1.9 GHz Quad Core + 1.3 GHz Quad Core)
  • 16 GB Flash Memory, 3 GB RAM Memory
  • Camera: 8MP Rear with LED Flash + 2.1MP Front
  • Super AMOLED Display with 2560×1600 WQXGA Resolution
  • Features Ultra Power Saving Mode and Fingerprint Scanner

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-Inch Tablet (16 GB, Titanium Bronze)

  1. AK529

    Best Android tablet to date This is my fourth Samsung 10 inch tablet Ive tried in the last couple of years. Ive always wanted to replace my iPad with an android tablet especially one made by Samsung. Almost all my electronics that I own are made by Samsung, except for my iPad Air and Apple TV 2. This tablet is an improvement over the Tab pro which was released just 6 short months ago. I kind of wish Samsung had just waited longer and released this tablet instead of the tab pro.Whats new and improved:The tab s feels much better built over previous Samsung tablets Ive tried. The previous tablets had a much more plastic feel to them and make clicky sounds when holding them. This one feels nice in the hand with the nice grippy material and also looks more higher end.Touch wiz is more simplified and faster.This tablet has 3gb of ram, which is 1gb more than the tab pro. Its much faster now and multitasking is smoother. More apps can run in the background and fewer refreshes in apps and on webpages.Improved screen quality since the screen is now an AMOLED, its brighter and has better battery life. The screen is also larger now at 10.5″ when compared to the tab pro which was 10.1″.This tablet has a built in finger print scanner. This is a very handy feature to have for added security without having to type in a PIN, password or pattern. Too bad this feature hardly works. I had to slide my finger a good two to three times for it to register and unlock the screen for me. No other tablet on the market has this feature currently including the iPad Air. I am glad samsung added this feature but it needs work.Ultra power saving mode can greatly increase battery life especially when it’s very low. Although it turns the screen into black and white and only allows you to use a few selected apps. I really don’t see how this is that handy on a tablet, but, is super handy to have on your smartphone like it is on the s5. Still nice for samsung to include this.Side Sync is an built app that allows you to access your Samung Galaxy Smartphone remotely while on the same wifi network. You can take calls, read/reply to texts and transfer files from you tablet. This is very handy feature. I thought initially it only worked on the newer S5 but I was able to download the app on my S4. Sadly I couldnt get the feature to work with my s4.The tab s also has a new private mode which allows you to hide files, pictures and videos. The private mode is also incorporated with finger print scanner so that the hidden files only show when using your finger to unlock the screen.What still needs improvement:The placement of the menu and back capacitive buttons still comes in the way and gets accidentally pressed when using the tablet in portrait mode. I guess you could just use the tablet in landscape mode all the time.The tablet ecosystem in the google play for 10″ tablets is very limited. There are still many apps that just dont take advantage of this tablets larger, higher resolution screen or aspect ratio. This is not the case with iPads and one of the main reasons why I still prefer my iPad Air. Some of the apps cant even run in landscape mode which is what this tablet is meant to be used in. Here is just a small list of the tablet apps that are not optimized yet: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Yelp, Dropbox, Dictionary, Instagram, Epocrates, Medscape, WebMD, Zedge, Tapatalk.I still found there to be some lag from time to time. At times the tablet was just really fast and other times it was lagging for no apparent reason. I installed nova launcher and disabled many samsung and google unneeded apps to make it slightly better.I also found there to be issues with the network connection. The tablet always seemed to be connected to my router but from time to time I experienced issues with it loading pages or refreshing apps. I had no issues like this on any other device on my network. So I suspect it was the tablet only that this issue.The screens responsiveness was not up to par with other touch screen devices I own and tried. At times I would have to press the screen muilitiple times before it would respond.The watch on tv remote seemed to give me very odd and weird information. It would show me content that had nothing to do with my cable provider or the channels I selected. I took a look at the same app on my Samsung S4 and the information was totally different. The information on th s4 app was correct. Maybe a future update to the wach on app on the tab s will improve the results for me.Although battery life is much improved in this tablet. Its still not as good as what Im getting with my iPad Air. With the tab s I was getting about 8-10 hours of screen time mostly from surfing web pages and a little youtube streaming. With the brightness at about 30% and some…

  2. Michael Barsoum
    Michael Barsoum says:

    Superb Tablet with some minor annoyances Android is a very capable operating system. With it, Google accomplished the unthinkable — widespread Linux use by average home users. Linus Torvalds popularized his kernel with nerds and the enterprise, but the search giant made it accessible for all. Here’s the thing though — the fact that Android is powered by Linux doesn’t matter. No, to the average consumer, all that matters is the experience. What lies beneath is inconsequential.Samsung recently released the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, its newest flagship tablet. The device’s closest competitor is the iPad Air — which is a tablet I love. Besides Apple’s tablet, there is really no other product to consider at the $500 price point. So, if you are considering a $500 general-use tablet, the only question that must be asked is — is it better than the iPad Air?Boy, what a tough question to answer — tough, but not impossible. I’ve been using them both, side by side, for some time now and I have some definitive thoughts.Galaxy Tab S 10.5 SpecsNetwork — Wi-Fi OnlyProcessor — Exynos 5 Octa (1.9 GHz QuadCore + 1.3 GHz QuadCore)Display — 10.5-inch WQXGA (2560×1600) Super AMOLED, 287ppiOS — Android 4.4 (KitKat)Camera — Rear: 8.0 Megapixel Auto Focus Camera with LED Flash, Front: 2.1 MegapixelConnectivity — Dual-Band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO, BT v4.0, USB 2.0Memory 3GB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory, microSD (Up to 128GB)Battery — Li-ion 7,900mAh (10.5)AnalysisThe first thing you notice upon taking the Tab S from the box is just how thin and light it is. Shockingly, at 6.6mm and 465 grams, it is even thinner and lighter than the iPad Air. This makes it very easy to hold and reduces arm-fatigue. Of course, at this point, we are splitting hairs — both tablets are really thin and light.If you are in the market for a 10 inch tablet, the screen should be a huge factor in your decision. For a while, the iPad Air display was one of the best, if not the best. The retina display, while partly marketing-speak, produced beautiful and vivid images. While the display on Apple’s tablet is still great, it can no longer be called the best.The Galaxy Tab S 10.5 offers a 2560 x 1600 resolution, but that is only part of the allure. The real news is the Super AMOLED technology, that recreates the most beautiful colors and imagery. Some may argue that this technology over-saturates the colors — I must disagree. True, colors are more vivid, but not to the point of creating a mockery by any means. No, it instead treats the user to a more life-like experience.Where it really shines is in the sun (pun intended). In my backyard on a sunny day, the iPad Air is unusable. It is impossible to decipher what is on the screen, so I must head for shade. The display on the Galaxy Tab S, is a totally different story. Samsung’s technologies allow the user to have a better experience under sunlight. This is achieved using sensors that adjust the display to your surroundings.Much like its smartphones, Samsung has implemented its TouchWiz improvements to the otherwise boring Android interface. When compared to the stock experience of something like a Nexus 10, TouchWiz makes the user experience much more colorful and lively. Things get taken to a new level with this tablet though, as it takes advantage of a tablet-optimized “magazine” mode, which I rather like. Don’t like it? Install Nova Launcher. It’s not a big deal, guys. Android gives you the option to choose.The iPad does not allow you to easily add additional memory. While you can jailbreak and access SD cards and flash drives, under normal usage that is not allowed outside of photo importing. Samsung’s tablet offers a microSD slot, so you can add up to 128GB of additional storage on the cheap. While newer versions of Android are making it problematic for apps to use the card, it will work wonderfully for storing media, docs and any other file you want.The rear camera on the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is actually not bad. Should it become your dedicated camera? No. Still, for a tablet, it is quite capable. There is very little noise and shutter is quick. However, the front-facing camera is pretty bad. Pictures come out very grainy, but it serves its purpose as a video-chat camera for services like Hangouts and Skype.Sound on the tablet is remarkable. While not front-facing like the class-leading Surface Pro 3, there are at least stereo speakers located on the sides, that lend to solid stereo separation. The user can actually make out right and left channels, something that can be lost when the speakers are positioned on the bottom or rear. Watching a movie on this tablet is a dream — the combination of speakers and display make it the perfect Android-powered media tablet.Unfortunately, and strangely, the tablet uses USB 2.0 for connectivity. I…

  3. MS

    The best tablet I have used so far.. Update 7/23/2014: reducing to 4/5. Battery life (and charging) is not as good as iPad or for that matter, for a device that costs 500 bucks. A few issues with Android as well (but then I have my own gripes with IOS as well). The microSD slot was hard to use. I use a , but it is quite difficult to insert and keep it locked; had to use a tool (I used the microsd adapter!) to push the card in. This card does get recognized and I can use it well.Old Review:My iPad 2 broke and I was looking to buy an (a second one in the household) ipad air; got this at the right time, and am in tablet heaven…I did try a Dell Venue 8″ – my first android tab – a while ago and it was a disaster (turns out there are display and hardware issues with that model). So when I got this, I was a bit skeptical – only for the first 10 minutes, though!Let us get to details then…Summary of differences with ipad:1. MicroSD slot! (up to 128Gb capacity)2. Better and bigger display3. 3GB memory for running applications (compared to 1GB)4. Camera 8MP compared to 5MP5. Fingerprint sensor!Size and handling: At 10.5, it is bigger than ipad air. Even thinner than iPad at 0.26 inches; smooth surfaces, and as with iPad Air, it is a bad idea to handle this beauty without a case; it is quite easy to drop these, and they are not made to hold in hand for long hours without a cover, either. So, please buy a good cover to go with this.Display: At 2560×1600 it is about 25+% more than iPad air in terms of resolution (287ppi compared to 264ppi) – and it shows! Beautiful Super AMOLED display beats out the LED displays. It is reported that AMOLED displays are usually not bright enough, but on this model, it is more than enough – even in bright outdoors. The settings entry for brightness has an ‘auto’ mode, but that doesn’t seem to work fully well (an android issue or Samsung issue), and it is still bright in the night. I had to turn off auto and reduce the brightness manuallly for night time viewing! The display is gorgeous, to say the least, and the best part of this tablet.Battery and charging: Battery life is quite adequate at about 8+ hours ( I did run through several episodes of burn notice with netflix streaming on one charge). Charging with the included charger does take longer than I expected – several hours for full charge. In addition, there is ultra power saving mode you can turn on from ‘settings -> General’ menu – this mode takes you to a black and white screen mode and allows basic web surfing, email and a few application that you can choose to add. In this mode, it can last quite a few hours with just 10% charge remaining.Bloatware: Contrary to some review, there is some bloatware that is pre-installed but not much. There are two boxes that show up in the second screen – Galaxy essentials and galaxy gifts. If you go in to this, you get to choose what bloatware you want 🙂 But there are some good ones such as wall street journal or Economist 3 month subscriptions for free, GQ and other free issues, as well as some free games.There are 2 apps – Samsung Level (for the soon-to-be-released Samsung headphones – to compete with Beats..) and Samsung Gear – pre-installed.Camera: 8MP for the back camera with a flash compared to just 5 MP in iPad – seems good. But this is the only feature that was ordinary in Samsung tablet. The pictures in auto mode doesn’t look as good as a normal (cheapo) 8MP digital camera photos in auto mode – even to an untrained eye. (I put a Canon EOS 7D to good use and I can spot a good camera when I see one; sadly this is not one of those..), but it is adequate; so is the front camera at 2 MP.WIFI – comparable; both support a/b/g/n dual band MIMO, but Samsung also supports ‘ac’. Quite easy to setup/connect to home networks. So far there is not one hiccup with the wireless access. Excellent performance.CPU – While iPad only has A7 ARM cores, Samsung has 4 A7 cores and 4 A15 cores; it claims it switches the cores depending on the need/usage/power requirements. For all practical purposes, it is fast; there is some lag but not serious lag in using multiple apps and notifications and background tasks going on.Fingerprint sensor: It is all how you train (give samples) the sensor! It takes 8 samples to setup, and so use your finger in slightly different angles – tilting your finger a little from left to right before each sample. Settings screen and fingerprint setup also allows you to setup an alternate password in case you can’t get through with your fingerprint. In addition you can always unlock with your google account. I am able to use the finger sensor almost without any failure so far…

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