National Electrical Code 2011 Handbook (International Electric Code Series)

National Electrical Code 2011 Handbook (International Electric Code Series)

Safe, efficient, code-compliant electrical installations are made simple with the latest publication of this widely popular resource. Like its highly successful previous editions, the NEC 2011 Handbook combines solid, thorough, research-based content with the tools you need to build an in-depth understanding of the most important topics. It provides the full text of the updated code regulations alongside expert commentary from code specialists, offering code rationale, clarifications for new and updated rules, and practical, real-world advice on how to apply the code. New to the 2011 edition are articles including first-time Article 399 on October, Overhead Conductors with over 600 volts, first-time Article 694 on Small Wind Electric Systems, first-time Article 840 on Premises Powered Broadband Communications Systems, and more. This winning combination has created a valuable reference for those in or entering careers in electrical design, installation, inspection, and safety.

About the 2011 Edition of the NEC ® Handbook

From the Publisher

  • Illustrates important concepts with over 500 full-color, highly detailed graphics, diagrams, photos, tables, and charts.
  • New requirements have been added that focus on workplace safety, including labeling at subpanels to identify feeder supply source.
  • Clearly distinguishes mandatory NEC® provisions from the expert commentary with color coding.
  • New and revised articles, including Revised Article 625 with vital changes covering safe battery charging for plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • Revised wiring requirements and receptacles.
  • New installation rules to improve electrical worker safety.
  • Updated every three years and outlines minimum industry standards for all types of electrical installations.

Product Features

  • Includes article tabs.

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